Why do we struggle to FOCUS?

Have you ever wondered, why is it that sometimes, it is easy to focus and other times it is really challenging?   Well, I certainly did.   I started searching and thankfully, got the answer.   I found the info really useful and thought of sharing it with you.   I can assure you, this …

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How to Concentrate Better?

Ever wondered, why it is hard for us to concentrate?   One of the reasons is a noisy mind.   Maybe you have so many things in your head. From your to-do list to what to eat for dinner, all are cluttering in your mind. These thoughts come and go, distracting you away from your …

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The 4 Stages of Competency

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel stuck despite, working so hard?   Well, I certainly did, till I came across the concept of competency and consciousness.   It comprises 4 stages, let me share the same with you :   ​Stage 1:Unconscious Incompetence   When we are in this stage, “We don’t know, what …

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