The Art of Saying No, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the series.


The fact that you are here, I hope that you have gone through the Part 1 of the series.


If No, then pls read the same & then come back.


You can read it here>>The Art of Saying NO,Part 1


Ok, so now let’s talk about the Hack 2.


HACK 2:Stop playing Mr. Nice


Most of us want to refrain from hurting others and therefore love to present ourselves as goody-goody person.


This essentially leads to accepting additional responsibilities, while being fully aware of our limitations.


This behavior does no good to anyone, as the other person relies on your assurance and later gets disappointed when things don’t happen the way they are supposed to be.


Accept the reality that you just can’t make everyone around you happy.


By attempting to be fair and pleasant to everyone, you only overburden yourself, and people start taking you and your time for granted.


I have no problem with being NICE, it is indeed a good trait.


But you must remember that you get paid and valued for your work, and if the work suffers, your demeanor or image takes a back seat.


So, don’t lose focus and exit the trap.


Let me know what do you think of this.


Catch you shortly in part 3 of the series.




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