The Art of Saying No, Part 1

Right from our childhood, we are taught to become YES people.


Isn’t it?


No wonder, when it comes to saying NO, most of us struggle BIG time.


Becoming a YES person makes us spread ourselves too thin.


This limits your ability to leverage the full potential & quality is compromised.


To quote Steve Jobs, “Focus is all about SAYING NO”


To excel in something worthwhile, it’s important to say no to things that are not.


To stay productive and minimize stress, it is therefore vital to learn the art of saying NO, politely but firmly.


Most of us shy away from saying no, to avoid disappointing the other person and spoiling the relationship.


However, committing and then not delivering on the expected lines has a similar potential of ruining a relationship, if not more.


If the odds are equal, it’s better to set the right expectations from the very beginning.


It may lead to momentary disappointment or bitter feelings, but this works better in strengthening the relationship in the long term.


So, in this 6 part series on Art of Saying NO I will be covering 5 effective ways or hacks of saying NO, without being rude.


let me share the first hack of saying NO, effectively.


Well, this is an important technique, as it addresses the most difficult part.


Wonder, why do I say so? Read on.


Well, it is about how to say NO to your Boss or Supervisor.


I can imagine the expression on your face. It’s a mix of excitement, joy & intrigue.


So with much ado, let me share the same with you.


HACK 1; How to Say NO to boss/supervisor


When you are offered more on your plate than you can chew, politely explain that your productivity will be compromised by taking on too many commitments, jeopardizing your existing obligations.


A reasonable supervisor would agree at this point. (If you are fortunate enough to have one)


If you are not so fortunate and he/she still insists on taking up more work then, share your project/task list with them and seek help to set the priorities.


Let them decide which task they would like you to complete first and proceed accordingly.


This will help you in shifting the ball from your side and reduce stress.


Makes sense?


Let me know your views


Stay connected for Part 2 of the Series.




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