About the Book

Numero-Uno Transformation Coach & Best-Selling Author Lalit Hundalani has merged his experience of corporate life with learnings as a  life transformation coach to create this masterpiece.

The book enumerates simple, practical & powerful ways to elevate human productivity.

In this action-oriented book, Lalit has emphasized self-discovery & self-analysis to understand what connects with you.

The guiding philosophy is -If it doesn’t connect with you, it won’t work for you.

The book breaks many a myth about productivity and delves deep into human psychology to analyze it pragmatically. The significance of mindset, environment, and people on individual productivity has been explored very methodically.

Concepts, logic, solutions, the book has it all.

It is a must for EVERYONE and ANYONE who is looking to achieve more in life.

Productivity hacks come across as a cherry on the top, making the process a cakewalk.

Get on with Lalit on this journey of becoming super productive and enjoy the ride.

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Readers' Reviews

The book titled "Hacking the Productivity" authored by Mr. Hundalani will give you practical yet simple solutions to improve productivity. I could finish my reading in one go because the book started with an interesting analytical way to review the Indian Movie named "3 Idiots wherein you can see two extreme opposite successful productivity habits/models". That story kept me looped into the book and pushed me to read further and completed my reading in one go. I appreciate the Author for putting efforts into putting practical aspects to improve our productivity - to all employees, employers, and students. The author has given certain practical tools that can be easily applied in our daily routine whoever would like to explore productivity improvement. Must read book whoever wants to improve productivity.... Wish you all the best! Keep sharing and inspiring your readers.....would wait for your next work....​
The book has concepts, mindset, myths, hacks and action plan for Productivity.. Essentially all key ingredients for getting things done.Action orientation of the book is what attracted me the most.The book states fact backed by research and offers workable solutions.. One of the most practical books in the genre..Role of mental health in improving productivity was an eye opener for me.. The book has numerous techniques to boost productivity..PERMA model of happiness is something which resonated the most with me .Highly recommended.
Lalit Hundalani has used the right examples and the right references to accentuate a necesary verity that is paramount in the world today.....Productivity. In utmost lucidity he has explained the mechanism to simplify process work and extract the maximum outcome. The world of today has changed forever and history now has been divided in only two epochs , BC (Before COVID) and AC(after COVID) and in this transformed era , existence is largely dependent on the factors of organization and productivity. The right book at the right time. KUDOS!!
after a long time , got my hands to this excellent book, very well written. the best things which i liked about the book -addresses the basic problem - productivity -there is summary after every chapter - the productivity myths are really good n eye opener
This book is a pocket-size but influential to achieve productivity. What I liked the most in the book is the PERMA model of happiness, Stop Chasing Perfection and Pomodoro Technique. Overall a very good practical book if you are absolutely committed to learn and implement.
The author explains in this book the simple techniques to understand the importance of productivity in all our areas of life. In a concise way one can learn from this book the knowledge of being productive and to attain his peak performance. I wish many more self-help guides from the author to enlighten the readers in future.
A must read book for anyone aspiring to maximise one’s productivity using proven techniques. The author provides a refreshing look busting many myths in the process. Got unique insights on how a person’s psychology impacts productivity. This book contains practical tips that can be implemented with ease to attain one’s peak performance and enable to lead a life of fulfilment.
The direct and to the point approach of the book drives home the value and cuts through the crap. The book is full of wisdom nuggets like - How to get rid of output anxiety, how not to fall in to trap of success templates, how to create your own template, the curse of knowledge, consequences management system, TASK process to elevate Productivity and much more...must read.
While multi-tasking has become the in-thing, at home and at offices, the author advocates mono-tasking and beautifully explains how to plan things and go about achieving them, instead of being over ambitious and achieving little. The chapters and crisp and to the point. The message hits our mind clearly. If the reader takes notes as suggested by the author and follows the points, it is the reader's gain, without any doubt !