Are you struggling to become the best version of yourself?

Don’t know How? You are not alone. I have been there.

Struggling to get Clarity?

I struggled big time

Even after working for 18 years in the corporate world,

I was unsatisfied.

I was looking for more but didn’t know What?

I had a successful banking career

Still i was not content.

and I didn’t know Why?

I wanted to create more impact

but I didn’t know How?

This search for What, Why & How troubled me for a long till I got.............


Life can never be perfect, neither is mine.

The roller coaster journey continues, every new day offers a new challenge but that’s what makes life exciting. Isn’t it?

Let’s pause and reflect on the journey before I got my transformation.

My journey started at the age of 22 when I completed my MBA with flying colors (I topped my batch) and was among the first few to get a campus placement.

I was performing well in my job but wanted to explore the world. After working for 18 months, I took an overseas assignment with a different company in Dubai.

Gradually picked up the things and, by the grace of almighty, started performing well. Two years in the job and again, I got the itch to do something better, achieve more.

I felt the restricted work environment in the country has clipped my wings. I was not able to fly & harness my full potential. I realized that it wasn’t meant for me.

So, after 2.5 years, I decided to come back & the journey of a corporate career in India took off. New industry, the new city threw new challenges every single day. I was pushed to learn new skills & perform better. I must confess, I enjoyed every bit of it.

I had a successful career & was blessed to have fame & fortune in adequate measure. Like any other middle-class person, I went with the flow. Work on weekdays & outings on weekends.

Every now and then, I used to get that feeling that something is missing but didn’t know what?

I used to ask myself, 

Am I doing my best?

Is this all, I am meant to do?

When my colleagues and team members used to acknowledge and appreciate me for the contribution in their careers & lives, I used to think about how can I impact more people?

How can I become my best version?

So to say despite having a good career, I was not content and sought clarity.

As I rose through the ranks, I found myself to be at odds and a sort of misfit in the corporate culture.

I was a teetotaller, non-smoker, direct person, politically incorrect, and deeply focused on my work.

If you have worked in a corporate job or have known someone in the corporate world, you would understand that pre-requisites are just the opposite.​

I realized if I continued this way, I will never be able to find what I was seeking. Time will pass by and before I would realize it, I will join the 95% of the population who just go with the flow without achieving, what they really want to.

I took a huge risk and left a high-paying job with 6 figure monthly pay packet. Not many earn this much &  very few can actually afford to leave it. The security of monthly pay cheque and associated perks is not hard to leave, more so after working for so long.

I must give credit to my fantastic family for the support provided in those trying times. Again, not everyone is fortunate enough to be surrounded by such a great bunch of people.

As I started on the journey to find clarity on my What, Why & How, I dabbled across various things.​

It didn’t come easy but anything worth achieving doesn’t come easy. I went through the journey of self-awareness and self-discovery, which showed me the existence of immense possibilities around me.

I could see that things can change for real & the power of transformation. I experienced it on my own & could feel the changes in my thoughts, the clarity of purpose, and the path to be followed.​

It helped me get my answers:


I want to help people find clarity for themselves


I don’t want people to struggle for so long, the way I did. I want to share my learnings, knowledge, and skills to simplify things. This allows me to create a greater impact, which I always wanted to.  It gives me a sense of fulfillment and contentment.


By helping people transform and become the better version of themselves.

My Mission

With absolute clarity of What, Why & How in place, I have embarked on the MISSION to help 1 million people transform their lives & become the better version of themselves-VERSION 2.0

Here's how i can help!!