RESET your Patience

We all realize & recognize the value of patience in our lives.


Patience makes us persist.


Persistence keeps us going in the face of adversity.


Consistent persistence is what gets us the desired results.


In the absence of patience, we tend to give up quickly and keep shifting from one thing to another. Without consistency of efforts, things don’t happen.


Having known the critical importance of this crucial metric, I am sure each one of us would love to develop more patience.


The truth is, most of us struggle big time to attain this virtue. How will it be to know how to transform from an impatient person to a patient one?


Let’s learn to RESET patience in 5 simple steps :


Recognize the behavior


Evaluate the Triggers


Swap your Position


Exercise Patience


Time for Change


Recognize your behavior: The first step in the process is acknowledging your behavior. It can be either through self-realization or through feedback from others. Just notice, how are you reacting to situations, events, and people. How does your behavior changes from the start to closure? Being mindful of your reactions will help you become aware of your reactions and thoughts.


Evaluate the Triggers: Next step requires identifying the reasons that make you angry or lose your cool. What is the common thread between the occurrence of events that lead to such change in your behavior? Analyze five such instances where you lost your calm and revisit the sequence of events. That will help you in identifying the triggers.


Swap the position: Once you know what makes you feel like you do, the next step is to empathize. Consider yourself in someone else’s situation and reflect, how you would have behaved in their place? Imagine what would be going through their mind when the incident occurred. How would they have felt about your outburst?


Exercise patience: It’s time to change the script. Put yourself back in the situation and think how you could have dealt in a better way? If you swap your position with the person who was at receiving end, what kind of expectation would you carry? If a similar situation arises again, how can you act differently? What are the other options which you can exercise? Asking these questions after every such event will eventually make you more aware and push for change.


Time for Change: Once you have evaluated all alternate behavior options, choose the easiest one to implement for you. It may not be the best, but it would still be better than the worst & can serve as a good starting point. The idea is not to be the best at one go but becomes better every single time. Each successful attempt will act as fuel to try the next best in the list as you progress. Keep learning from experiences and keep marching forward.


For sure, it’s not going to happen overnight, but with consistent efforts, it can be achieved for sure. On your own, the journey is challenging, and the success rate is low. Having a coach or mentor by your side keeps your behavior in check by making you accountable for your actions.


Practicing patience requires better control over your emotions.


To command emotions, you need emotional Intelligence.


Emotional Intelligence has its roots in self-awareness.


Self-awareness can be attained by having the right coach or mentor by your side.


Look for one, and you will indeed find one.


As the saying goes, once the student is ready, the teacher arrives.


Patience helps you make rational decisions.


Decisions shape your destiny.


Make Smart choices and design your life.




Lalit Kumar Hundalani||Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach||2X Best Selling Author


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