The Incredible Stories, Episode 1

Disclaimer: This story is based on true events. Certain details like names and locations have been changed to maintain confidentiality and privacy.


The Phoenix


Rakesh was an IIT graduate. He was working in the corporate sector, had a high-paying job, and was pretty much successful as far as the money part is concerned. Annual vacations, weekend outings, high-end mobile devices, gadgets, and other comforts of modern-day living were at easy access. He was in his late 40’s and was employed in his current job for the last 5 years. Then COVID struck and know what before he knew he was handed over a pink slip by his company. Not the one to take things lying down, he was confident enough of his skill and expertise and decided to find another job.


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Blame it on the market scenario or other reasons, to his utter dismay, he failed at finding an alternate job for 3 months. Being an experienced professional, he was a proud person, and couldn’t express his situation even to his close friends. Gradually, the pressure started building up. He was devastated as he had a family to fend for, EMI’s to pay, and an upper-middle-class standard of living to be maintained. By the end of 5 months, the turn of events started to take a toll on him and he went into acute mental stress which also affected his physical health. He tried a couple of things on his own but with his mental state and mind-frame things were just not working out.


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Looking at his situation, his wife was flustered and decided to seek external help. Among others, she reached out to me as well and mentioned his condition. Fortunately for her, I had come across a similar situation earlier with one of my colleagues and knew what needed to be done. I spoke to Rakesh, got the details, and with his due permission introduced him to a system, which could help him to overcome this situation. He was apprehensive to go ahead considering the time and money involved. Finally, he decided to give it a try, since he was not left with many options otherwise. We spoke a couple of times over the next 2 weeks and I could see some changed in his aptitude. Then I got busy with my work and left track of his progress.


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3 months later, it’s 7 Am in the morning and I get a call from him. Worried, I picked up the phone.


It was an invitation to the opening of his new venture. Listening to the good news, I had a sigh of relief. The pleasure and excitement in his voice were infectious and he just couldn’t stop talking about his breakthroughs over the last couple of months. By the time I kept the phone down, I had a smile on my face and satisfaction in my heart.


Transformations do happen and more often than not, they are Magical.


“People fail Systems work”


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Disclaimer: This story is based on true events. Certain details like names and location have been changed to maintain confidentiality and privacy

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