What is Parkinson’s Law of Time Management?

The work tends to expand to fill the time available for its completion”-Parkinson’s law.


The law can be explained in simple terms as the number of hours available at your disposal decides the duration of task completion. If you have a deadline of 1 day, you can finish it in one day; if you have seven days, then the same work will continue for seven days.


Some might argue about the difference in the quality of work done in 1 day or seven days; however, researches have shown it’s not significant. Some variation can be there in quality, provided the excess time is utilized productively to improve the quality of work rather than delay it until the last moment.


From personal experience, I can tell you that on a majority of occasions, surplus time results in shifting the work to a lower level on the priority list and then completing it when the deadline is just around the corner.


Students can primarily relate to it where the assignments are delayed indefinitely, and work starts only when the last date of submission is looming large on their heads. In fact, the late submitted project reports are, more often than not, prone to inferior quality.


Irrespective of the actual deadline, give yourself less time to complete the task so that you can keep moving and engage in new activities. Needless to say, productivity will move up without you consciously noticing it.


So what needs to be done?


Now having known this law, what needs to be done is to work in time chunks.


The time chunking method essentially requires you to work in slots of time. Once you define the duration for completing a task, reverse engineering comes into play. The mind starts working backward to ensure that work actually finishes within the deadline.


I have personally used this method while writing my first best-seller book Hacking the Productivity.I wanted to author a book for long but kept on procrastinating it. Then one day I said to myself enough is enough and let me get it done. I fixed the date of self-publishing it on Amazon on 1st Jan(New Year Day) and worked backward. Once the mind got the signal, urgency was created and things started to fall in place like magic.


I used this method again while publishing my global best seller book Focus Your Way To Fortune.This time I took it one more step forward by not only fixing publishing date but also the date of making it best-seller.This helped me in planning the publishing and launch strategy.


I would recommend you to go ahead and try it on your own & see the results.




Lalit Kumar Hundalani||Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach||2X Best Selling Author


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