What kind of house are you building for yourself?

No, it’s not about the architecture of your house. It’s something deeper and more meaningful.


Let me tell you a quick story about an elderly carpenter.

A man ready to retire after a long and dedicated career.

He announced his plans to his boss, and the boss asked if he could build just one more house… as a personal favor.

The man agreed, but soon it was clear his heart was not in it anymore.

He put only half the effort into his workmanship, used inferior materials, and overall just didn’t do as good of a job.

When he finished, his boss came to see the new house.

Then he took the keys and handed them to the soon-to-be-retired carpenter.

“Here, my gift to you,” said the boss.

The old carpenter was in shock.

If only he had known he was building his own house, he’d do it all differently.

Many people go through life in very much the same way.

“Taking it one day at a time” and not really looking at the bigger picture.

And then one day, they are shocked that they have to live a life they put only half the effort into (if that).

And if they could go back in time, they would have done it all differently.

But that’s not possible.

Do you know when the best time to plant a 20-year old tree is?

Yeah, 20 years ago.

Do you know the next best time?


Remember that every day you wake up, you’re putting a hammer to a nail, placing a board, raising the walls, and building the roof.


And if you want to be happy with what you’ve built one day… you better start putting your heart and soul into it today.


And you can start by making sure you book your session on the below link.




Because I’ll help you build a better house by helping you get clarity.


Clarity about what is it that really drives you, motivates you, and can keep you going come what may.


Clarity about the system that can help you access the required resources.


This way, one day (very soon), you’ll have a wonderful house to live in…


I think that’s something worth working towards, isn’t it?


I’ll see you soon..Let’s connect




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor

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