The No#1 Habit of Successful People

You might not know this, but most of what I do is driven by a single question.


What, exactly, make a person successful?


Why is it that 2 smart, capable people having similar education start at the same point but 3 years later one is bankrupt and the other’s a millionaire???


I spent a lot of time researching this…


  • I went through business case studies
  • Read billionaire biographies
  • Discussed with successful people to get there insights.

And all across, there is a common thread, which stands out beyond everything else.


Successful people have successful habits.


For example:


  • They have clarity of VISION
  • They set clear GOALS
  • They think big, but act small
  • They are fast action takers
  • They stay persistent & don’t give up easily
  • They are highly accountable

Think about it.


Person A has a goal to “Achieve massive Wealth”. He Kind of knows what he wants, but It’s vague. There’s no timeframe to it. He wants it and (eventually) he’ll get around to working on it. This is more wishful thinking.


Person B sets a goal to scale to $50,000 in monthly profit by January 1, 2022. It’s specific, ambitious, and time-bound.


So, if I were to ask: which person do you think will be more successful, what would you say?


(Hint: it’s a trick question…)


Look back at that list of habits I mentioned earlier.


Does either Person A or Person B have all 3 traits?




The fact is: few people do.


That’s why hiring a coach is so fundamentally important.


Person B probably thinks he has the right habits. He has the vision and the goals. 


But, he’s not translating those goals into concrete, daily actions…and he doesn’t have a system for keeping him accountable to them.


And – though you might think Person B is farther along than Person A, that doesn’t actually mean he’s more likely to succeed.


1. Goals.


2. Actions.


3. Accountability.


That’s what it really takes to succeed.


And that’s exactly what I do for the members of my community.


(The unbeatable strategy is just a side effect)


When you’re ready, I am here to talk.




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