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Part 8, 10 Reasons which keep you stuck in life

So, here we are at Episode 8.


By early next week, we will be concluding this series.


Thank you very much for being connected.


Reason#8, which keeps us stuck is as under :




CauseIt’s similar to blaming others but more potent. The game of blame and accusation is not limited to one or two individuals. Here you start blaming the whole world as unjust and unfair.


Symptom: When we start thinking at a subconscious level that everything is bad, then invariably we tend to attract the not-so-good things. The more you curse, the more you attract the misfortune.


Effect: If you have already concluded in your head that everything is bad then no matter what, good things are not gonna happen to you for sure.


CureMake the most of every day. Be grateful for being alive if not anything else. Show gratitude for all the blessings in life. This will create positive energy and give you the enthusiasm to carry on.


We must remember, “Happiness precedes Success.”


If we are happy and maintain a calm & cheerful demeanor, we attract all the good things in the world.


To quote my mentor Siddharth Rajsekar“Your vibe attracts the tribe”.


So be cautious of your vibes.




Lalit Hundalani


Leading Life Transformation Coach||2X Best-Selling Author||Mentor


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