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10 Reasons which keep you stuck in life, Part 1

I’m glad to share that I received very encouraging feedback on the 6 episode series of, “The Art of Saying No”, which we concluded sometime back.


In case, you missed the series, you can read it on below link:


The Art of Saying NO


So, inspired by the response and as recommended by most of the readers, I am starting a new series from today.


We all feel stuck at some point in life and it’s a very unpleasant situation to be in.


Yes, starting today we are going to explore the key reasons which keep us stuck and how can we cure them.


It will be 10 Episode Series, in each episode we will cover 1 reason.


A new episode will be released every alternate day, so you will have a maximum of 3-4 episodes per week.


The intent is to allow sufficient time to consume the information, assimilate learnings, apply them & unstuck.


Here comes Reason#1 


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If you ask me FEAR is an acronym for 










This simply means we are scared of something which is non-existent. The cause of fear doesn’t exist in reality but in our imagination.


Cause: The fear may arise out of anything. It can be the worry of repeating past failures, the unfavorable outcomes of past success, or fear of the unknown.


Symptom: Fear cripples the mind and it keeps traveling into past events and situations in our life when things didn’t work out the way we wanted them to. Every time an opportunity comes your way, the brain travels back to the stack of earlier incidents of similar nature and keeps throwing the unfavorable outcomes. Lack of certainty or fear of the unknown also restricts us from venturing into Roads less Travelled”.


Effect: Perennial state of inaction owing to fear of falling backward. Since there is no action, hence no progress.


Cure: Having a spiritual grounding and inculcating habits like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, etc. helps in making you strong enough to overcome fear. Having a positive mindset keeps you on track. Limiting the consumption of unwanted content, negative news from various sources also helps in eliminating fear. Remember, we can’t know everything and we should not know everything. Sometimes ignorance is also bliss, as it opens up the mind to endless possibilities without imposing any limitations.


To sum it up, “To achieve something you never had you must do something you never did”


Pls don’t forget to share your feedback in comments & I will meet you shortly in Part 2.




PS: Throughout this series, I will be offering FREE ONE-TO-ONE Sessions on “How to Unstuck”. In case you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, you can book a session on the link below.



12 thoughts on “10 Reasons which keep you stuck in life, Part 1”

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  9. Kulwant Kaur Rehal

    I liked the acronym . False evidence appearing real indeed!
    Very effective ways to help individuals to leave inaction.

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