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10 Reasons which keep you stuck in life, Part 3

Awesome, so you have gone through part 1 & part 2 of the series.


Great job in catching up.


Let me now get on and share the reason#3, which keeps us stuck.


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3.Blaming others


Yes, it’s the third most important reason.


Blaming others is essentially holding others responsible for your failures or the situation you are in. It is tantamount to not taking the onus.


Cause: The tendency to blame others is more prominent in people who lack the courage to take ownership of their actions or inaction. There is a greater inclination to refer to the past incidents and correlating them to the present situation, rather than looking forward.


Symptoms: Past incidents or events keep on playing in your head in a loop, where you see how you were wronged by someone. You tend to play the victim card so that you get more self-love. It also creates the sense of entitlement, where you feel that you deserve to be treated in a certain way and you must get certain things, which is not correct.


Effect: You shun the ownership and responsibility of your actions & stop working in the right direction. Lack of sustained efforts and actions delay the progress.


Cure: Give love and blessings to the people who might have wronged you & move on. Even if you consider them as your enemies, thank them for teaching a valuable life lesson and close the chapter then and there. Once you do that you are able to come out of the endless loop and start moving forward. A case in point for demonstrating such behavior is by king Yudhishter from Mahabarata who had no enemies and was fair & just, even with those who wronged him repeatedly.


“Transformation requires you to focus on who you want to be, not on who you already are”


Let’s meet in part 4 shortly.




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