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10 Reasons which keep you stuck in life, Part 4

Great to have you here in Part 4 of the series.


I hope you enjoyed reading the earlier parts as much, as I did writing them.


It’s time to share Reason#4 & the ways to overcome it.


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4.Mental Coding


Mental coding primarily refers to our belief system, which codes our brain in a certain way.


Cause: The way we have been living our life, our upbringing, the people surrounding us, and the occurrence of events, condition our mind in a certain way. It shapes our thoughts and creates beliefs that define our view of the world.


Symptoms: Conditioning can be positive or negative. It shapes our worldview of the lens through which we see life. For example, I might get inspired by rich and famous people & look for good things which helped them scale great heights. But you might see it differently. Owing to the environment you have been brought up in, you might consider money or wealth as evil and therefore all rich people become villains for you. With such codes, it’s natural for you to start looking for all that’s not good about being rich.


The sad part is that most of the time we are not even aware of this coding and how deeply it impacts us.


Effect: This condition seriously hampers our progress & limits the mind for even aspiring for success. Unless the mindset is aligned, things don’t happen. I have experienced it in a good measure for myself. Owing to my upbringing I am a teetotaler & a non-smoker. For a long time, I used to consider that anyone who drinks and smokes is a bad person & therefore I used to distance myself from such people. Later I realized that these are just the habits, which don’t necessarily define a person & by cutting myself off from such people, I am only harming myself.


Cure: The only possible cure for this ailment is enhanced self-awareness. You can’t treat disease, till you acknowledge that you are sick. To identify that you are indeed ill requires you to be more aware of yourself. Going through the journey of personal development makes you aware of such things. Right mentors help you know, what you don’t know. Once you become aware, the coding of the brain can be changed so that it aligns with your outcomes. You see, it all interlinked. I am fortunate enough to be coached by some of the amazing mentors, who have played a vital role in my development and transformation.


“Knowing what you don’t know is the beginning of self-transformation”


Do share your feedback in the comments & see you soon in Part 5.




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