3 Secrets for a Productive Day

Do you want to be productive?


What a question. Who doesn’t?


But, how do we define a Productive Day?


In my view, a productive day means proactively working on the highest order priorities.


The next question is How?


Let me share with you 3 secrets to have a productive day :


1.Identify what not to do.


#Recognize what are you doing.


#Assess, whether it is the best utilization of available time.


#If the answer is NO, then stop doing it.


2.Visualize the consequences


#Your actions can either take you forward or backward.


#Consider the long-term impact of indulging in non-productive activity.


#Evaluate the opportunity cost of engaging in this activity.


3.Eliminate the Distractions


#Isolate yourself from activities that are disturbing you.


#Remind yourself, what needs your attention.


#Recall the outcomes you want to achieve.


​Focusing on the wrong things in the right way is almost as bad as not focusing on the right things.


“If you don’t organize the day with high-priority ASKS, you will spend the time on low-priority TASKS.”




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