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10 Reasons which keep you stuck in life, Part 5

I got an amazing response to part 4 of the series and I have been engaged in multiple one-to-one sessions per day for the last 3 days.


It feels great when people get breakthroughs and move on in life.


Yes, that’s the best thing I love about my work & it is something unparalleled.


Can you believe we have already reached the halfway mark in the series? I was pleasantly surprised for once.


Kool, it’s time to share reason#5 with you.


The reason I am going to share today is slightly sensitive but nevertheless very crucial.


Be open-minded and take it with a pinch of salt if need be but avoid being judgmental.


5.Family & Friends


Our parents, siblings, spouse, children, partners, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. play a major role in our life. They influence our decision-making like no other. There is a thin line between influence and interference, which disappears over the years. Once that happens, things begin to change.


Cause: The People closest to you, don’t want you to change. They fear that a change in the status quo will hurt the relationship. At times there is a sense of insecurity, which pushes them to stop you from exploring new things and take action.


Symptoms: Family and close friends have got used to seeing you in a particular way and when you try to do anything which is different from obvious there is an element of shock & resistance. You come across questions like, “what’s happened to you ?”, “You have changed”, “You were not like this” etc. Such interactions make you think twice and at times retract your steps.


Effect: It creates a situation of Love Lock. You don’t get your space and there is a tendency to seek approval for everything, which delays the process of transformation & you stop evolving as an individual. You might like to explore new things but fear taking action. Seeking validation makes you dependent & over a period you tend to lose your freedom.


Cure: Respect loved ones but set boundaries. Stop seeking validation for every single thing. Once you know what needs to be done, just do it. At times initial resistance from closed one’s transitions into applause later. So speak your mind and be cool about it.


Part 6 coming your way soon.




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