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The 4 Stages of Competency

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel stuck despite, working so hard?


Well, I certainly did, till I came across the concept of competency and consciousness.


It comprises 4 stages, let me share the same with you :


Stage 1:Unconscious Incompetence


When we are in this stage, “We don’t know, what we don’t know”.


It is also known as the state of ignorance, where we are not aware of why are we stuck?


In this stage, all we can do is seek Awareness.


Stage 2:Conscious Incompetence


Once we get awareness, we become aware of :


What is it that we are lacking?


What is it that’s delaying our progression?


How can we UNSTUCK?


In this state, we must take action to acquire the required competence, else it is as good as stage 1.


Stage 3:Conscious Competence


We have the competence.


We are no longer stuck.


We are consciously leveraging our competency.


We are making progress, through the constant application.


Stage 4:Unconscious Competence

We have attained expertise in your domain.


It has become a part of our being.


We no longer require the conscious application of our competence to move ahead.


It is happening on its own, without us being consciously aware of it.

Having known these stages, I would recommend you to answer few questions for yourself :


Which stage am I currently at?


Where do I aspire to be?


What am I doing about it?


How did you find the concept? If it was something new, do share your feedback.





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