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How to Concentrate Better?

Ever wondered, why it is hard for us to concentrate?


One of the reasons is a noisy mind.


Maybe you have so many things in your head. From your to-do list to what to eat for dinner, all are cluttering in your mind. These thoughts come and go, distracting you away from your present moment.


If that is the case, it is about time for you to be more organized. Allocate a few minutes of your time to plan your day or event. Write down your to-do list and everything that you need to remember.


Whatever you can do now, do it right away. If you have been thinking about that chocolate in the fridge, go get it and eat it. If you have been thinking of calling your mother, call her right away. If you can’t do it right now, set a reminder to remind you of whatever it is you want to do.


The bottom line is, free your mind as much as you can from all these little matters. If you don’t, you will find yourself thinking about each of them from time to time throughout the day.


Another possibility that contributes to the noise in your head is the thoughts that link to your emotion.


An event or a thought of your past can trigger your emotion. Whether it is a positive or negative emotion, they have the same impact on you. One thought leads to more thoughts and makes your emotion stronger.


The stronger your emotion, the more thoughts you have and the harder for you to let go of those thoughts.


Concentrating on your task at hand seems to be impossible when you are in this situation.


Instead of struggling endlessly, work on overcoming your emotion. Identify the source. What makes you feel the way you are feeling at that moment. Solve it or do something to solve it. Put your effort into it. Once done, let it go.


Whatever the emotion is, may it be hatred, dissatisfaction, sadness, worry, jealousy, excitement, or happiness, let it go. Accept reality.


Those moments have gone. You are just an ordinary human being, and so do the people involved, whoever they are. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is better than another. Everybody makes mistakes.


Sometimes we are above average, sometimes below. It’s just the way life is. Be thankful if you are on the top side and learn how you can improve when you are on the bottom side.


Whatever others judge or think about you is not your problem. They have no effect on you unless you tie yourself to them, struggling to prove otherwise. Just be yourself and be the person you want to be.


Things will get better as time passes. Let them unfold naturally as you navigate your life with your best intention.


The key is to stay foot in your present moment, let go of those who do not belong to the present moment. With good intention, focus on your present. Let your past dissolve and your future unfolds naturally the way they are meant to be.


They are the remedies and the boosters in your life that make you a better person each day, provided you accept them with an open heart.


Be at peace with your surroundings and life, and you’ll find it much easier to navigate through them. When you are at peace you concentrate better.




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