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Part 6,10 Reasons which keep you stuck in life.

I am back with part 6 of the series.


If somehow you have landed up directly on this blog then it would be worthwhile to start with PART 1.


Let’s straight get to the point and let me share Reason#6, which keeps us stuck.


6.Lack of Adaptability


The tendency of sticking to old ways of doing things and resistance to change.


Cause: My way or the highway attitude. There is a certain adamancy to continue doing things in a particular way, which keeps most of the people stuck.


Symptoms: It is contrary to the maxim of fixed goals and flexible means. People in this state are fixed in their approach and keep shifting the goalposts. For example, our lifestyle should change in accordance with changing environment, that’s adaptability. If that doesn’t happen then it’s a rigid attitude or behavior.


Effect: If companies like NOKIA which were once the market leaders, disappeared as they were either slow or refused to adapt to changing environment, the juxtaposition on individuals is quite obvious.


Cure: Be adaptive to change. Remember, “change is the only constant”. When covid struck, people who were quick to adapt their business model to changing dynamics reaped the benefits and made moolah while those who didn’t keep on blaming the environment and struggled big time.


Who are you? Rigid or Adaptable?




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