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10 Reasons which keep you stuck in life, Part 2

As promised I am back with part 2.

But before I begin, I wanted to share something with you.


After I published part 1 of the series many people reached out to me.


Some wrote back and allayed their fears, while others booked the One To One session with me, via, the appointment link shared at the end of the mail.


I already completed some sessions and others are lined up over the next few days.


The feedback from readers and discussions during the session made me realize the dire need for this topic and I am glad to have picked it up at the right time.


I hope you would agree too.


So let me share reason#2 which keeps us stuck.


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Conformity is the behavior where one tries to align oneself in accordance with societal norms.


Cause: The strong urge of being accepted by others and fear of being left alone.No one wants to be the odd one out


Symptoms: Confirming the wishes of others & behave in a way that is expected by others. Don’t want to hurt anyone. Trying to come across as Mr.Nice to everyone with an objective of being loved and appreciated. Living life according to the wishes of others rather than doing what you love to do. It also leads to scenarios where you tolerate wrong things, wrong person, wrong events just to avoid being come across as inappropriate as it might hurt your image. It is one the of the severe diseases, as rightly mentioned by someone in Hindi, “Duniya ka sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log”


Effect: You become a people pleaser. Over a period of time, you tend to lose your individuality and start feeling awful. People take you for granted, you fail to prioritize what matters for you and stop progressing in life. The inability to voice out your opinion and pent-up emotions might culminate in the situation of depression and anxiety.


Cure: Become assertive & straight talker. No harm in calling spade a spade, if that’s how it is. You don’t need to be arrogant but firm in your opinion. This will others to rectify themselves, in case they are doing it wrong. For diplomats, it will be initially difficult but gradually they get used to it. Others might be shocked and surprised at the change of guard but will thank you in long term. For those, whom you really matter and those who matter to you will stick through, unwanted people will be flushed out from your life.


“Incremental change is easy, real transformation isn’t”


Looking forward to your suggestions & feedback.


Do share your feedback in the comments & I will be back shortly with Part 3.




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