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Part 10, Ten Reasons which keep you stuck in life

Great to be back with you in the series


As promised, we will be concluding the series today.


So let me reveal the final reason which keeps us stuck.


Word of Caution: Pls don’t get offended or slip into denial mode. Even if you do, that won’t change the truth.


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10.Not Learning


Yeah, the reluctance to learning is the final and one of the most important reasons which keeps you stuck.


Cause: There is a feeling of knowing all that’s important or, in other words, what’s required to perform our job at the workplace. Most of us think we have studied long enough and now the focus should be on how to earn more money.


Symptoms: Wasting time in entertainment & other vices rather than self-education. A typical workday involves slogging it out at work & then watching television or surfing the internet till late at night. In worst cases, it may include booze/drinking sessions either at home or with friends/colleagues accompanied by boss bashing and complaining about what’s not right at work or in the world. Weekends are primarily spent in outings, movies, mall hopping, watching tv, or lazing around at home.


Effect: We are in a state of entropy. Everything in the world deteriorates over time, so if we are not learning, we are dying. Not doing anything is a journey to a downward spiral. Stagnation in learning has long-term implications for personal as well as professional growth. Over a period, you hit a glass ceiling, and so does the income. The realizations often come a little too late, and by that time, a lot of water has already flown under the bridge.


Cure: Fix the mindset and invest in learning and upgrading yourselves to remain relevant in the changing market dynamics. It is pertinent to remember that our past education and learnings have brought us our current standing. To move to the next level, we need to upgrade ourselves. Isn’t it an irony that most of us want to own the latest version of laptops, mobiles, and other gadgets but fail to become the latest version ourselves? The material things or physical possessions we buy depreciate over time, but investment in self appreciates and gives you the return multi-fold. I have seen it for myself & hence I can say it with so much conviction.


It would be wise to remember, “The money spent on learning and self-development is not an expense but Investment.”


Good investments don’t give instant gratification but return over the long term.


The reasons like, I don’t have Time or Money to invest in self-education can best be described as excuses, which harm no one but you.


This brings us to the end of 10 episode series. Let me know your feedback, especially what can be done better. It would be a great help to me.


Stay tuned, and I will be back soon.




Lalit Hundalani

Leading Life Transformation Coach||2X Best-Selling Author||Mentor


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