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Part 9,10 Reasons which keep you Stuck in life

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Shortly, we will be concluding this series.


The reason#9, which keeps us stuck is as under :

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9.Egoistic Attitude


Cause: A high sense of self-esteem or self-importance which breeds a superiority complex and you tend to look down upon others.


Symptom: You Consider yourself in high regard and to be a person with utmost capabilities. Others seem to be lower-grade individuals. The best way to know whether the person is having an egoistic & bad attitude or not is the feeling you get while interacting with them. A feeling of exhaustion and sucking out of energy is an indicator of a negative attitude. More often than not we know how do we behave & how others think about our behavior.


Effect: Toxic attitude is detrimental to growth & pushes you backward. It restricts the learning curve since you consider yourself to be all-knowing. Once you stop learning, you stop evolving and stagnate.


Cure: Try to add value and adopt the right attitude. It doesn’t mean you have to sugarcoat the behavior. You can be a simple, straight talker with the right attitude. To deflate the ego bubble, it would be worthwhile to remind yourself that you are a mere speck in this whole universe, hence no point in taking yourself too seriously. Realize your purpose in life and be dedicated towards the fulfillment of the purpose & serving others.


Remember, “Tone matters more than the words”


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