How to Improve Team Productivity?

In the corporate world, meetings are necessary but also one of the primary productivity killers. In the post-covid-19 era, where virtual meetings have replaced physical meetings in a big way, the problem has become even more acute. With no travel or commute time involved, back-to-back meetings are scheduled, all of which are not necessary.


The meetings are essentially conducted for three broad reasons:


  1. Solve a problem
  2. Communication of information
  3. Felicitation or celebration

Of the three reasons, the first 2 points make up for 90%, as to why meetings are conducted and eat away into productive work hours owing to the below factors:


  • Not starting in time
  • Digression from the main agenda
  • Continuing well beyond the stipulated timeline
  • The presence of all participants is not required
  • Lack of preparation before meeting
  • Too many unnecessary meetings
  • Impromptu meetings without adequate prior notice.

The solution to this problem is to cut down on meetings by having dedicated days for meetings so that you complete other important work on no meeting days. If it’s impossible to have designated no meeting days, then at least have no meeting hours to plan and focus better.


This is one sure way of accomplishing more during office hours, which is good for the employer and employees. The leadership team and senior management of the organizations have an important role to play in implementing this.


If you are someone who is managing a team at the workplace then you must evaluate the time being spent on meetings and its impact on the work.


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