How To Make Right Decisions?

Life is all about making choices.


To be honest, it doesn’t come easy on most occasions.


It’s usually a trade-off, where you get something and forego something.


The ability to effectively evaluate the opportunity cost is an essential skill for making smart decisions.


In absence of self-awareness and required skills, we tend to lean on others for making our decisions.


Lack of self-confidence makes us feel powerless.


This is a dangerous situation as we start shunning responsibility for our state.


We start losing control over our life.


When external events start deciding our fate, life becomes volatile and highly unpredictable.


I am sure, no one would like to live such a life.


What do you think is the solution?


How to get out of it?


Well, if you see, the answer lies in the problem itself.


The root cause of this situation is a lack of awareness about self. So the solution would be to get awareness.


To get awareness, get hold of a mentor or coach, whom you can look up to.


Understand yourself at a deeper level.


Know the core of Who you are?


Once that happens you get answers to the questions like :


Why do you do the things you do?


What defines you?


What drives you?


What motivates you?


The answer to these questions gives you immense clarity.


Clarity helps you better analyze the trade-off value and the opportunity cost.


That’s how you make smart choices.


Better choices empower you to make better decisions.


Better decisions give you better control over life.


Once you are in driving seat, you start taking ownership of your actions.


Reliance on external events and factors goes away & you become master of your life.


Tony Robbins once said, “In the moments of decisions you shape your destiny”


Learn to make the right decisions to Master your life & Master your Destiny.




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4 thoughts on “How To Make Right Decisions?”

  1. An important topic. Yes, taking the right decision at the right moment is important. But there are some people, who take decisions and then make it right, with their capabilities.
    Appreciate your views.

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