How to Make an Extraordinary Career in the Housing Finance Industry?

Before you start reading this blog, let me share a caveat. Pls read it only & only, if you want to know, how can you make an extraordinary career in the housing finance sector in India.


Let me congratulate you for making a wise decision and I salute your spirit.


Do you know that approximately 6 lakh employees are required every year in the housing finance sector in INDIA?


By any standard, this is a huge requirement of manpower.


Have you ever thought, despite so many job opportunities, why are you not getting the job?


The reason is not having the right skill set which is required by banks and housing finance companies.


So here is your opportunity to multiply your chances of getting a job in the banking and finance sector. Upskill yourself by gaining knowledge, getting certified, and start earning from the word GO…


Let me share with you HOW?


Just enroll in to Certified Mortgage Professional program by Virtuo-Skill.


It is a comprehensive & one of its kind online video  course which helps you learn all the essentials of the housing finance sector, become a Certified Mortgage Professional and boost your career in the booming Housing Finance Industry.


What you Get?


You get 21 courses in 1 bundle.


Yes, the course provides end-to-end knowledge and in-depth information about all aspects of housing finance and home loans.


You also get certification on completion of the program which acts as a proof and can be shared with your prospective employer.


Learning Modules included in the Program


  1. Introduction to Housing Finance
  2. Salaried – Documentation for KYC and Income Validation
  3. SEP – Documentation for KYC and Income Validation
  4. SENP – Documentation for KYC and Income Validation
  5. Concept of Products
  6. Mortgage Product Concept
  7. Introduction to Legal Appraisal
  8. Introduction to Technical Appraisal
  9. Introduction to Collections in Housing Finance
  10. Plot based Finance- Only plot & Plot Plus Construction
  11. Home Loan – New & Resale
  12. Home Extension 
  13. Home Improvement
  14. Balance Transfer and Balance Transfer Plus Top-up
  15. Top-up
  16. Loan Against Property (LAP)
  17. Non-Residential Premises (NRP)
  18. Lease Rental Discounting (LRD)
  19. Art of Filling an Application Form
  20. Basics of Credit Bureau report
  21. POSH

Who is this program for?


You must enroll for this course if you fit into any of the below categories :


  1. Fresh Graduates who are interested in making a career in the housing finance industry.
  2. Employees from other sectors industries who are willing to enter the housing finance industry but lack clarity and skills.
  3. Newly recruited employees in the housing finance sector who want to fast-track their growth.
  4. Mortgage professionals who want to upskill themselves and move up the corporate ladder.

What you will learn on completion of the program?


The Program gives you end to end knowledge on all the key metrices of housing finance business. You also learn how to become super-competent, outsmart your peers and leverage the learnings to accelerate your career growth.


The key benefits from the program can summarized as under:


  1. Understand the history & working of the housing finance sector
  2. Comprehensive overview of mortgage/housing finance products
  3. Know the inherent features of financial products in terms of risk involved
  4. Learn the Industry practice and processes (starting from filling an application to loan disbursement)
  5. Understand the risks involved & how to mitigate them
  6. Art of sourcing the right customers
  7. How to structure the loan.
  8. Certification
  9. And much more….

To know more, contact us on the below link :


CMP Enquiry Form


I would strongly recommend you to click on the link below and watch the video, to get further clarity on the course content & its benefits. Pls, watch the video till the end for maximum benefit.


Click here to watch the video :How to make a career in housing finance



If you are interested in enrolling in the course or would like to know more you can submit your details on the below link:


CMP Enquiry Form


We will get back to you within 24 hours.


All the best for your extraordinary career.




Lalit Hundalani||Peak Performance & Transformation Coach||2X  Best Selling Author


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