How to deal with Anxiety?

Whenever we plan to do something new or start with a new project, we feel excited and worried at the same time. A situation of heightened worry and excitement can lead to anxiety.


Anxiety is something that we face in our everyday lives. Unless channeled in the right direction, it can overpower us. It has the capacity to interfere in our day-to-day functioning making it difficult to perform even routine tasks.


When we are anxious, we lose the ability to think & act rationally. This makes it even more difficult to come out of the situation. The more time we spend in that state, the more anxious we feel. We don’t do what we are supposed to do and continue in the same situation for long. This creates a never-ending loop that traps us.


Now the question is how to come out of it?


The answer is, to have the treatment ready before illness strikes. The way an asthma patient has the inhaler ready for an emergency, similarly we need to be prepared for the situation much before we land there.


What I mean is, outlining and clearly jolting down what needs to be done if you come across this situation. Here I am going to share the DANCE technique to overcome anxiety. It can be very effective in changing your state, breaking the loop, and pulling you out of the situation.


Discover the cause of your worry: The first step is to reflect and realize, what’s making you nervous?


Is it the fear of making a mistake?


Are you afraid of being embarrassed?


Are you concerned, what will people say ?


Is it the fear of failure?


or something else?


Whatever it is, which is making you nervous just identify and note it down.


Analyze your Fears: Once you have identified the cause of your worry, have a 360-degree view of the problem by asking yourself simple questions :


Is the problem really that big or are you just overthinking?


Do you really need to be afraid of it?


How is being afraid going to help you?


How did you overcome a challenge of similar magnitude in the past?


Look for all the reasons & evidence, which can help you negate the cause of your worry.


Notice the Worst: For a moment imagine the worst-case scenario which can happen. Ask yourself :


How will that scenario impact your life?


Visualize yourself living that bad experience in your imagination.


What could be the possible learnings from this experience?


So what if this actually happens. Tell yourself that it’s not going to be the end of the world. A year from now, you might not even remember this incident, so why panic?


Change the Narrative: Having lived the worst-case scenario in your imagination, now shift the perspective.


Look for what you can learn from the event. How can this experience help you in moving forward?


How can you apply these learnings to handle the more complicated situations in your life later?


How will it make your life easier down the line?


Execute: Take a deep breath and settle your thoughts. Center yourself and focus on moving forward one small step at a time. Concentrate on each step and the next one, without thinking about the outcome. Gamify it, have fun with the process and learn to laugh at mistakes.


To calm your nerves, stop taking yourself and things too seriously.


Think about the best which can come out of it.


Learn to relax and enjoy the process.


Just enjoy the journey and absorb yourself fully in the experience.


You have got one life, live it.


“Life is for living, not worrying”




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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  1. The DANCE technique seems to be a perfect and wonderful way to overcome Anxiety.
    I appreciate your views and suggestions.

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