The ICE CREAM hack to boost concentration

Note: This is an excerpt from the Amazon Best Seller Book, Focus Your Way To Fortune


Intensely focussed reading is one of the most effective brain exercises to boost concentration. Most of the time, when we read, attention wavers. The ICECREAM hack helps to overcome this phenomenon:


I is for Intense Focus: Commit to an intense, severe focus on reading for the defined time frame.5min- 10min is an excellent timeline, to begin with.


C is for Cutting the Crap: Set the distraction-free environment by eliminating all the elements, which might not contribute to the activity.


E is for Elimination: Eliminate any random thoughts that aim to stray your attention outside the book.


C is for Conscious: When you find yourself thinking about not being focused, make a conscious effort to change the script. Accept that these thoughts don’t define you; neither is this your active thinking process.


R is for Reading: Continue reading irrespective of whatever is happening in your mind. Keep pulling your attention back on the page and the words until you have read at least a full page.


E is for Every day: Repeat the process every day. You can increase the time duration as you get better.


A is for Acknowledge: It is imperative to acknowledge yourself each time you complete the process. The sense of achievement makes you feel good and motivates you to repeat the process.


M is for Master: I am confident that repeating the process every day will undoubtedly make you an expert. So make it a habit till you master it.


Try this technique on your own for at least a week & share the feedback.


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