What’s your Speed Limit?

I was driving down the highway the other day and saw this board specifying the speed limit for vehicles:


Speed Limit

And it got me thinking.


We all have different limits.


Some people are comfortable in the slow lane.

Some people want to move fast but wind up stuck behind the trucks.


Others (like me) want to zip along in the fast lane. We’re the ones who want to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE our growth, every single year.


And even though lots of people would love to scale that fast, very few people actually take the right steps to make it happen.


The reason?


Different speed limits.


But here’s the beautiful thing:


It’s not that hard to merge into the fast lane.


All it takes is knowing how to do it. Let me share my story..


A while ago, I was stuck.


I was working in a job.


I was having a good income.


But still, I was not feeling happy.


There was a void, something was missing.


I started to question myself,


Is that all that I wanted to do?


What is my true passion?


What should I do, so that I get inner satisfaction and fulfillment?


At that point, I had 2 options:


Option #1: Continue until I stumble upon the right answer (I was confident I could eventually figure it out)


Option #2: Just ask somebody who had already encountered a similar situation.


I chose option #2 and reached out to mentors, who had gone through this dilemma and were able to successfully overcome it.


I blindly followed the path shown by mentors and soon got my clarity.


Soon I started to see the results in all the areas of my life and felt much happier. I repented for not going with Option #2 sooner.


Internalize this in your brain:


Problems you’ll “eventually figure out” can get solved 1,000x faster if you take help from someone who has already figured them out.


That is what coaching is—a move into the fast lane.


I want to be that spark for YOUR life. I want to put you into high gear, so you can get into the fast lane and start getting results.


If that’s what you want as well, Let’s connect.


I can help you identify:


# What is keeping you stuck?


# Show you how can you overcome it in a step by step manner.


# And help you unleash your full potential.


Let’s connect to schedule your 1: 1 strategy session today & begin your journey.


See you soon!




Lalit Hundalani

Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor

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