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Whether we like it or not, each one of us faces problems in our life. At times we are able to arrive at solutions using our past experience or hit and trial. On other occasions, we get overwhelmed and feel bogged down. Knowing a framework or a step-by-step procedure that can be applied for resolving a problem really helps and reduces uncertainty.


TASK-IT method is an effective tool for overcoming this scenario and helps in effective problem-solving.


Take it as a challenge


Avoid Assumptions


Swap problem to a question


Know the alternate perspective


Imagine the solutions


Think it over


TAKE IT AS A CHALLENGE: You have this problem because life has something of value to teach you. With this in mind, take responsibility and use the problem as a challenge to get better.


AVOID ASSUMPTIONS: Use the lessons from solving past problems and evaluate the application to your current situation. But keep in mind that what worked in the past, may not necessarily work right now, still no harm in exploring. However, stay vigilant and aware that other possibilities may also exist.


SWAP YOUR PROBLEM INTO A QUESTION: Turn your problem into a question and start restating it in a variety of ways. Focus on solutions rather than getting lost within the intricacies of our problem. And with every question asked you gain deeper insights that can help you solve your life problems. Look for alternative perspectives that will help shift your view of the problem.


KNOW THE ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVES: Look for alternate ways to shift the outlook. Ask the people in your life for their input, ideas, and suggestions. Maybe their unique life experiences might help you see your problem in a more favorable light. Books can of course be of tremendous value. Learn from them and use their stories of struggle and triumph on how to solve life problems in your own life.


IMAGINE THE SOLUTIONS: Start thinking in pictures, they will help you to bring your thoughts to life on paper in front of your eyes. Doing so will help you assess your problem from unique vantage points and perspectives that may lead to incredible breakthroughs and ideas. You can do this using doodles, mind maps, metaphors, and diagrams. Just tap into your inner child and allow your imagination to run wild.


THINK IT OVER: To ponder over a problem requires putting yourself into a relaxed state of mind and then just allowing your imagination to go to work. You can of course do this while lying in bed, walking along the beach, or while meditating. You need to give your ideas the space to manifest, grow, and expand in your imagination.


Within every failure, there is the seed of opportunity to learn and grow from every experience that will help you to solve your life problems in better ways.


Try using this and share the feedback.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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