Simple hack for creative thinking

The 5 I process is one of the effective techniques for creative thinking. It can be decoded as under :


Insightful Questions




Intelligent Thinking


Interrupt the assumptions




INSIGHTFUL QUESTIONS: To think more creatively you must begin utilizing questions far more effectively. Ask yourself what questions it might be helpful to ask in this situation. Then ask those questions. One question will lead to the next and eventually, creative ideas will come.


IDEATION: To think more creatively you need to loosen up a bit and have a little fun. Creative ideas will only come to you when you’re enjoying the process of solving your life’s problems. Turn your problems into a game and then challenge yourself to light-heartedly play with ideas until adequate solutions come to mind that can help you move forward in a better way.


INTELLIGENT THINKING: The more ideas you are able to generate, the better your chances of coming up with something that may work. And this of course involves the process of trial and error. You must try new things, take risks and learn from all your successes and failures. View your mistakes as valuable feedback that you can use to move forward.


INTERRUPT THE ASSUMPTIONS: Throughout the creative process, things won’t always make sense. Instead of dismissing these ideas, choose to question your assumptions. Keeping an open mind will allow you to be flexible in thought, decision, and action.


INNOVATE: In order to think more creatively you need to be willing and able to break the rules about how things should be done. Consider why things are done a certain way and then question whether there may actually be a better way to get this desired result. It might even require breaking that box and rebuilding it in a new and more efficient way that opens doors to new possibilities.


There will be plenty of ups and downs throughout the creative process and possibly some major struggles. You need the patience to develop exceptional creative ideas and you need resilience to persist and persevere through your struggles.


Showing a willingness to ask insightful questions, to play with your ideas, to test and experiment, to think objectively, to break all the rules, and to persist and persevere through your struggles, are the keys that will help you think more creatively. Use them and implement them into your life and you will progressively grow your creative intelligence.



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