5 Simple Steps to Overcome Depression

Depression drains your energy and makes you feel hopeless. Although overcoming depression is not easy, it is not impossible either.


Following the correct method helps you control yourself, enabling you to come out of the depressed state and transition to a higher state.


TRACK method is a simple yet effective technique of overcoming depression  :


Trace your thoughts


Reset Your Physiology


Adjust the Focus




Know the Purpose


Let’s decode the steps to understand in detail :


TRACE YOUR THOUGHTS: Observe how you think about your life and the situation you’re in. Get a sense of how you’re thinking about things and observe how that makes you feel. This allows you to change how you think of them subsequently.


RESET YOUR PHYSIOLOGY: To change the mental state, begin by changing your physical condition. Adopt a more confident posture, Stand tall, breathe deeply, move with confidence, and smile; that is when you will start feeling more self-assured and energized. Adjusting your physiology makes you feel better in no time.


ADJUST THE  FOCUS: First, ask yourself questions that focus on critical areas of your life that can help you move forward. Find solutions for those questions and see how you can make your life and circumstances better. Take a moment to stand in front of a mirror. Smile and give yourself a motivational pep-talk about the desire to work your way through your difficulties.


CLARIFY: Reach out to someone you trust and seek their guidance and support. Now give them a glimpse of how you feel and what is happening in your life. And ask them for solutions and ideas that can help you move forward. Sometimes, we get clarity just by sharing our problems.


KNOW THE PURPOSE: Set some inspiring goals, but be realistic with your expectations. Having a purpose helps in fuelling the desired motivation and keeps you on track. The absence of a definite and inspiring objective triggers the mind to wander and slip into a lower state.


Stop living and feeling miserable about yourself. Be different and view your life and circumstances in another way.


Ask yourself, do you want to keep things as they are, or do you want to make a positive change?


Don’t shy from taking the help of a mentor or coach, who can help you sail through the choppy waters and emerge as a winner.


The choice you make could inevitably seal your fate. So choose wisely.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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