6 Steps to Climb the Career Ladder

Do you have aspirations to climb the career ladder?


But is it really possible?


Is it possible for anyone to climb the career ladder, even for those starting at the very bottom?


Well, I would say certainly it is. The only thing you need to know is the right way of doing things.


Here are six things you must do to climb your success ladder.


Walk the Extra Mile: If you want extraordinary growth you must not stop at ordinary things. Delivering on the expectations and responsibilities gives you a reputation for being a competent and reliable employee. Now carefully think through how to surpass those expectations. And go the extra mile which means doing far more than what is mentioned within your job description.


Aim for Excellence: Never settle for good enough, always strive to figure out how to do things better. How can you be more productive, and far more efficient? Consistently challenge yourself to find better ways to get things done that improve how you work and how the organization operates.


Be a Life-Long Learner: Take time to learn everything you can about your job and industry. Most people stop learning after getting into a job and that’s the beginning of stagnation. Be aware of the changing dynamics . Consistently invest in learning new things and applying them on the go.


Ask for More: Seek more responsibility that goes beyond your standard job description. Keep an ear out for new projects and developments within your organization and be one of the first to volunteer your time, energy, and efforts. Most people shy from taking extra work or struggle in delivering on KRA’s only. You can make a difference there.


Spread your Wings: Don’t confine yourself to your job role only and be a frog in the well. Find opportunities that expose you to new people, systems, methodologies, and processes. Learn valuable new skills and acquire relevant knowledge that can help you better understand your organization and its system.


Build your Reputation: Develop qualities like passion, creativity, dependability, trustworthiness, enthusiasm, and being a team player. In the end, you can climb the career ladder in one of two ways: The first is by making the right connections. And the second is by building your reputation.


Working on the points stated above, makes you stand out from the crowd. You need to keep building your reputation within your organization. Over time your reputation will grow and sooner or later you will get noticed. And that is when you will get your opportunity to climb up one, two, or more rungs on the career ladder.




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