W.I.N formula for High Performance.

What is the W.I.N Formula?

It is the technique practiced by high performers to make the right decisions, and achieve extraordinary results.


W.I.N. stands for What’s Important Now. This acronym was coined by Bob Bowman, coach of American swimming legend Michael Phelps, one of the most prized Olympic athletes in History.


In his book, No Limits-The Will to Succeed, Phelps explains the secrets behind all his legendary performances and winning of Olympic medals.


Coach Bowman explained what separates Michael Phelps from all other swimmers. Unlike other swimmers who didn’t swim if they didn’t feel good, Michael Phelps practiced and performed consistently, regardless of what he felt.


Phelps’s behavior shows that high performers don’t let their feelings get in the way of their actions. His coach helped him train his mind through enough practice to overcome such limiting behavior.


He had absolute clarity that high-priority actions must supersede momentary feelings.


It all boils down to realizing what’s most important to you.


Many a time we tend to give up easily in absence of a strong WHY?


A weak WHY doesn’t give much clarity.


Lack of clarity doesn’t provide enough impetus for taking action.


No action, no results.


It’s very simple and straightforward.


Clarity can let us perform herculean tasks.


If we consider our everyday life we can see many examples. Once we realize the importance of an activity, we find a way to make it happen, else procrastinate and offer excuses.


I have many participants in my program VERSION 2.0, who struggled for years.


They wanted to get unstuck but were still hesitant to join the program.


Usual excuses of Time & Money always coming in the way.


I usually ask them some simple questions :


#What will you do if there is an emergency in your family? Would you still be thinking about the time and money? If you are feeling stuck, don’t you think it’s an emergency for you?


#What would you prefer? Die with an empty pocket or Die with a regret of not doing enough?


Some get the context on the spot and take action, while some don’t, only to come back later.


Clarity is everything. It is an essential ingredient to craft the success story.

Phelps admits that the secret to his high performance is based on the W.I.N. formula.


Before working on his body he worked deeply on his mind and behavior.


The clarity of knowing, ‘What’s Important Now’ allows him to push through and make his way when others don’t.


Contrary to the popular belief it’s not his physical strength or stamina but strong self-control and emotional mastery, which make him a legendary sportsperson.


He once said, “It’s true. When it comes down to it, when the time comes to focus and be mentally prepared, I can do whatever it takes to get there – in any situation.”


This statement is testimony to the extent of clarity and focus which make him the best & cut above the rest.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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5 thoughts on “W.I.N formula for High Performance.”

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  3. WIN, What’s Important Now, is a new phrase for me but an important one.
    Way back in 1984 onward, we had a factory and lot many documents were coming to me for taking action. I had a cupboard with different drawers. This cupboard contained documents such as Urgent, Important, Delay and the one with Do it now had for immediate action and priority. WIN reminds me of ‘Do it now’ situation. Let us learn and use the same for our success.
    The author has wonderfully explained with an example of the legendary Michael Phelps.

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