5 Secrets of a Great Leader

The 3 key traits of being a great leader require you to lead, manage & inspire the people. All at the same time.


Sounds good but how to go about it ?


Well, great leaders are usually great mentors who provide direction and lead people on the right path.


Once you become a great mentor, you can exhibit all the required traits, lead and command respect.


The good news is that leaders are not born but made. This means anyone can become a great leader just by following the right process.


Let me share the 5 C model of effective leadership which can help you transform yourself into a great leader.


1. Confident Optimism: Have a positive outlook about the capabilities of your team. Setting optimal expectations which are high but realistic, push people to move beyond their comfort zone. People will usually perform beyond limits just to meet your expectations. Using encouraging words immediately puts the people in high spirits. Be mindful of choosing the words & tone to communicate with them.


2. Celebrate small wins: Appreciate people for small improvements. Praising people for small gains ensures that they remain on the right path. Eventually, small gains accumulate into big ones . Experience gathered in the process gives enough confidence & motivation to contribute towards larger organizational goals.


3. Create ownership: Effective delegation is a crucial skill for driving teams. Instead of delegating by issuing orders, it’s better to create a sense of ownership. Empower them to make decisions so that they own the work. That way you will be able to establish connections at a much deeper level. Ownership also includes accountability and responsibility. Once that comes into play, you are no longer required to micro-manage things. People work effectively & efficiently without you even asking for it.


4. Confer Credit: As a leader, always offer a helping hand to push the project without being asked for it. However, once the work is done, refrain from taking the credit. Irrespective of your contribution, let the team bask in the light of success. People love acknowledgment for the work done. Applaud them & highlight them in front of the other stakeholders.


5. Constructive feedback: Honest feedback is essential for continuous improvement in performance. A good leader neither sugarcoats the things nor engages in bitter criticism. It’s a fine line between the two. It’s important to remember the feedback should be for the work performed by an individual and not for the individual as a person. Be open to receiving the feedback for yourself as well. A two-way feedback mechanism always works better and offers enough scope to work on self as well. Be vocal about your mistakes, that will enable others to acknowledge and accepts their errors as well.


Once you start implementing these changes in your leading style, you will not only see the improvement in team performance but will start commanding more respect as a leader.


As a good leader, your objective is to harness the potential of people towards the achievement of a common goal.


Once people accept you as a good leader, they will be ready to die for you.


To reach that level of leadership, its imperative to remember, “Before you become a Great Leader, become a Great Person





Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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