S.T.UD.S technique to deal with Failure & Rejections

Have you ever tried to achieve something but failed miserably? Well, I did for sure, not once or twice but numerous times.


We all aspire to achieve success in all our endeavors but that’s not how life works. In the long term what differentiates a successful person from an unsuccessful one is their ability to handle rejections and deal with failure.


It will be wise to remember, “You won’t succeed in all your endeavors, so stay grounded when you do & hold your ground when you don’t”


An average person is rather poor at managing failure, gets anxious, and gives up too early while an achiever persists. Once you persist and have a burning desire to carry on in the face of adversity, no one can stop you.


I firmly believe that it’s ok to fall because even when you fall, you do go cover some ground. Just ensure you are not falling backward.


Instead of regretting and feeling bad, a better way is to learn from the experience.


It is said, that you never fail, you either gain success or gain experience. Either way, you gain something & failure anyways is known to be the best teacher.


You might be thinking, this is all good but how to go about it?


There are numerous ways to deal with it but here in this blog, I am going to share a very effective technique that works for me.


It’s the S.T.U.D.S model to deal with failures in a constructive way :


S stands for Staying Calm: Instead of reacting to the situation, stay calm. Whatever had to happen has already happened.No point crying over the spilled milk. Stop blaming yourself or anyone else for the events. The way you choose to respond in this difficult situation will define how the events unfold, as you go along.


T is for Taking Ownership: Stop giving excuses, accept the mistakes and assume full responsibility for the situation you are in. Refrain from playing the blame game or shifting the onus to weak links. That’s the worst thing you can do. Empower yourself to take control of the situation and make note of the lessons learned in the process. Accept that failure is a part of life and you are no exception. It’s important to realize, sometimes failures show new opportunities and lead to new inventions. Get new perspectives & learnings, which can help you refine your approach. Get up, dust yourself, and move on.


U is for Understanding your WHY: You need a lot of mental toughness to carry on when things are not in your favor. Finding a strong reason, to carry on with your attempts is very important. The reason should have a strong emotional connection so that it pushes and inspires you to carry on, even if the failure strikes again. Once you get your WHY, anchor yourself to it. Every time you feel low, think of that one reason and the value it holds for you.


D requires you to Do some analysis: Spend some time analyzing the results of failed attempts. Ask yourself some powerful questions to get the answers :


Why did you fail? What could be the possible reasons?


Was it the timing?


Did you fail at planning?


Did you miss execution?


Was it a lack ok knowledge or experience?


Maybe the expectations were unrealistic.


or was it something else?


Finding the cause of failure will get you clarity and help in tweaking your action plan and avoid the same mistake again.


S requires to Scrutinize the Action plan: Once you have the outcomes from the analysis, refine your plan to avoid similar pitfalls. The experience and learnings gained from the unsuccessful attempt should be carefully considered & incorporated into the new plan. Review it again to see any possible shortcomings, left inadvertently. Compare this plan with your first one and chances are you can see the difference for yourself.


When we succeed, we celebrate when we don’t, we contemplate.”


Use this opportunity as a springboard to jump higher and take your flight to success.


No one likes DUDS, everyone loves S.T.U.D.S.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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