I meet many people who want to achieve a lot in life but fail to do so. When asked what’s stopping them, the most common reply is a lack of opportunities. I further question them, why is it so? The majority of answers include:


#Bad luck


#No support from the family or friends


#Economic scenario


#Government policies




And the list goes on…


No denying that these factor does impact but can’t be blamed entirely for our failures. I come from a school of thought that believes; We don’t get what we want; we get what we deserve.


I rarely find people who take ownership & say that it’s because of me. “I didn’t know how to find the right opportunity,” or “I didn’t try enough.”


In my years of experience, I have realized that crucial reasons why people don’t succeed or fail to find opportunities are :


#Lack of realization that prospects don’t always come to you in a platter; you have to find them.


#Failure to recognize when presented with one.


#Picking the wrong choice when life offers multiple options.


The root cause for this behavior can be attributed to a lack of clarity. Many a time, people don’t know what could be the right choice for them. This leads to ad-hoc decisions, which don’t yield the desired results on most occasions.


In my one-to-one sessions, I help people discover deep insights about themselves, which help them get clarity. It helps them in overcoming their obstructions like no other, and they are raring to go.


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One of the techniques which come in handy and can help you in identifying & leveraging the opportunities is DANCE.


Define your Goals

Arrange yourself


Cultivate Deep



Although DANCE is an acronym, use it rightly, and you can; Dance your way to opportunities.


Let’s understand how this technique works.


Define your Goals: Only 5% of people succeed in becoming what they want to. One of the fundamental reasons which differentiate the successful from unsuccessful is the clearly defined goals. Setting a goal gives the sense of direction, where is that you want to reach. Where do you need to focus? To reach there what all activities you must do? You understand what opportunities you are looking for and how these will take you closer to your destination.


Arrange yourself: Once you get the clarity, what you want to achieve, and what opportunities you must look for, the next step is to prepare yourself. This is a crucial step as without adequate preparation, you might waste an excellent option. Research, polish what you know, and acquire the missing skills. The idea is to make the most of opportunity once it comes your way. Be wary of hasty decisions that might play a spoiler in your journey.


Network: Connect with people who you think can potentially help you grow and achieve your goals. In case you don’t have the network, then create one. It’s never too late to start. Your network is your net worth; you know where you need to work if you want to grow your net worth.


Cultivate Deep: Opportunities don’t always present themselves readily. Working on the surface may not help, so dig deeper. If things are not working then question yourself. Challenge yourself, become creative & start thinking beyond the obvious. This will undoubtedly help you in uncovering the hidden opportunities. Be clear in your head, anything worth achieving doesn’t come easy.


Evaluate: Once you come across the opportunity, don’t rush for it. Be calm in your approach and weigh the pros & cons. Ask yourself, how is it going to add value to your goal? What is the risk involved? Is the risk worth taking? Make a list of pros and cons and act accordingly. If you think you should pick it up, then act fast, else move on. Lingering on with the decision doesn’t help as it only leads to the waste of precious time.


In hindsight, if you see the situation you are in today, is an outcome of your past choices. The decisions today will decide your future. If you have more regrets & disappointments, it points to poor choices and missed opportunities.


You can’t change the past but certainly, craft your future.


Work on yourself, become more aware & get clarity so that you are better equipped to make informed choices & right decisions.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor

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