Enhance your Memory with vitamin 6M

Who doesn’t want to have an elephant memory which allows you to remember the minutest of details?


However, most people struggle, especially when it comes to learning and retaining information.


Just like we can work on our body muscles to grow stronger, we can apply the same principle to our brain and enhance memory.


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In this article, I am sharing the 6 M technique for memory enhancement.


Must Eat Right


Move Your Body


Make the brain work


Must Sleep right


Make things memorable


Make it Enjoyable


Let me elaborate and share each step of VITAMIN M in detail :


Must Eat right: Nutrition plays a vital role in taking care of the brain. The way diet is essential for the growth and development of our body; the same holds true for the brain. Consumption of food items rich in nutrients like Omega 3, Vitamin B6, B12, C & E, iron, and thiamine ensures supply of essential nutrients that help in the growth and development. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains are usually rich in these nutrients. A detailed list of brain superfoods can be found here.


Move Your Body: Physical exercise offers dual benefits. It helps in strengthening the muscles in your body as well as your brain. Regular workouts help you eliminate negative emotions like anxiety, stress, worry, fear, etc. Getting rid of these emotions improves concentration & focus. Focus is the key when it comes to learning and has a direct correlation with memory.


Make the brain work: In addition to physical workouts, simple brain exercises help in strengthening the brain muscles. Logic is quite simple; the more you use your brain, the better it becomes. Stop using it, and it becomes inert. Neuro-science clearly states that the brain structure changes based on its utilization.


Simple brain exercises- like a game of cards or learning new words can come in handy. You can find the detailed list of super brain exercises here.


Must Sleep right: lack of sleep causes brain fatigue and makes it difficult to focus and concentrate. Consistent lack of sleep leads to the destruction of brain cells the determine our capacity to consume and retain information. For adults, min 6hrs-8hrs sleep is highly recommended, and for children, a min 8hrs-10hrs is strictly non-negotiable. Putting in more hours of learning while compromising on sleep doesn’t yield desired results.


Make things memorable: One of the efficient ways of remembering something is using multiple sensory organs. The three most important sensory organs that can help learn are the Eyes, Ears & Skin. Eyes help us see, Ears help us listen, and Skin allows us to touch. Instead of just reading, try different ways which engage more than one sensory organ. Techniques like doodles, pictures, graphs, videos, sound bytes, charts can be explored. It is possible that one of the senses may be dominant for you. Find it out and design your learning pattern accordingly.


Make it enjoyable: We all want to do exciting activities. Tedious. Monotonous tasks repel us, and we tend to avoid them. Anything fun & entertaining attracts us, and it’s difficult to restrain ourselves. As kids, we all wanted to play games than study. Cut to the current scenario; we prefer partying, outings, get-togethers over monotonous work. To make learning enjoyable, it would be an excellent idea to gamify it. The brain seeks novelty, and gamifying the learning process will enhance the curiosity and make it fun, thereby allowing the retention of information for a longer duration. While you think of new ideas, an additional benefit will be activating creative cells in your brain.



Essentially it boils down to the discipline and consistency of efforts. Like anything, no results can be achieved in a single day.


Memory improvement is assured through the consistent application of the techniques shared above.


Persistence & perseverance will allow you to make progressive strides towards improving your memory.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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