Why do you need to manage your emotions?

Let me ask you a question, “How do you handle your emotions when somebody says bad things to you?”


Do you feel angry?


What do you think and how do you react?


Simple questions. Aren’t they?


Often, people say things to you and you feel hurt. They can be your family members, your colleagues, your friends or even your close ones…


But you know what?


It’s actually NOT about the words! It’s the MEANING that you give to those words that make the difference.


For example- If someone says to you… “You’re a bad person. I don’t like you!”. You can respond in multiple ways.


Response 1: “Oh my god! That’s such a big insult to me. How can someone say this to me? I’m hurt!”


So what’s happening here?


You’re feeling LOST… the loss of respect from other people.




Because you made up those “meanings” in your mind and you interpret it as an insult to you!


Now let’s look at another response.


Response 2: “You know what, I know myself. I don’t really care. I know who I am, and I know what’s my worth”


So, this is another way that you can interpret those words and give meaning to those words.


Same line, same scenario… 


But how you “interpret” those messages makes a big difference.


If your interpretation of those words is not negative, you’ll not feel bad and likewise.


Now take a pause for a second and ask yourself…


How do you normally interpret the words when somebody says something bad to you?


Something worth thinking about.


If you actually have high self-esteem, these things wouldn’t even bother you!


When your self-esteem is high, nobody’s words would matter to you!


Now, you might be thinking that “It’s easier said than done”

But you know what?


Having the awareness of how you interpret the words of what others say or do to you will change your internal game dramatically!


Make sense? 

When you’re interpreting other people’s messages, think about the “intention” of them saying those words.


Do they really mean bad to you when they say it?


Is it that they actually care about you or are worried about you, but they’re angry… so those words just came out raw from them?


Ask yourself… “what’s the intention of he/she saying that?”


Being conscious of how you interpret other people’s messages will help you go a long way!


And by the way… if you’re working in a team, or you’re leading a team…Maybe you’re a manager…Maybe you’re the founder of the company… This is even MORE important how you handle these things…




Because if you don’t know how to manage your reactions to other people’s words…You’ll have a hard time gaining people’s respect!


You’ll be out of control and react poorly when people say something that you don’t like!


And that’s why you must know, how to manage your emotions.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor


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3 thoughts on “Why do you need to manage your emotions?”

  1. That’s a beautiful article.. Yes this and more has been taken up in my Book of Emotions too.

    Everything is in our head. There are actually no rights and wrongs but our understanding of things.. how we perceive the glass.. half full or half empty is all upto us .

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