Why Persistence won’t work?

I still remember the early days after starting my entrepreneurship journey.


I heard NO from 22 prospects in a row.


I faced rejections from people, I expected the least.


These were the people who had known me for decades.


 I knew they needed my services the most, but they stopped responding.


No response to emails, messages, and call..I experienced it all..


I remember it so vividly that nothing was working out.

I wondered, was it luck, destiny, lack of mentoring, or what?


Or maybe I was not good enough.

Everything I tried was falling apart.


I thought of giving up and getting back to my job.


Maybe this journey was not meant for me.


While my head screamed, it didn’t make any sense to continue..You are wasting time & losing money..


My heart whispered, try one more time.


Take one more step.


Send one more mail.

Just one more post.


Just one more campaign.


I learned this big lesson early in my journey & I remind myself every day.

Fail fast, fail forward.


You don’t need sympathy..


You don’t need empathy..


The only trait that can make you stand out is the courage to go on despite failure & rejections.


Why did I fail?


  • I was looking for faster results
  • There was a need for instant gratification
  • I was being tested for my mental strength

How did I overcome this phase?


  • By analyzing my actions.
  • By taking feedback from my mentor.
  • Finding out what could be done better
  • Changing the way I was conducting myself
  • Continued to march forward.

My key takeaway from this experience-persistence alone can’t take you there.


Unless you know the right recipe for doing things…


Unless you follow the exact steps of the process…


You don’t achieve what you are looking for.


“No matter how fast you are running, you won’t reach the destination if you are treading the wrong path.”


The lethal combination of Right System+ Relentless Execution+Persistence gets the results.


So the critical questions to be asked are:


  • Do you know what needs to be done?
  • Do you know why you want to do it?
  • Do you have clarity on the process?
  • Do you know how to execute it?
  • Are you committed?

If the answer is NO, then you must seek help.


I have been helping my students in getting answers to these questions.


I would be happy to help you once you are ready.


To fly higher, we must go deeper in our hearts, find that one spark that keeps us going not for anyone else, but to find yourself

Every failure is a stepping stone to success.


You will reach there if you continue marching.

If you are not even trying, you are dying.


Share your feedback in the comments if this inspires you.


I would be eager to know what actions are you taking?


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