Leverage Your Fears

I still remember the time when I used to live in fears.


I can never forget those experiences.


Fear of the unknown.


Fear of not having enough.


Fear of not being able to speak up.


Fear of not being able to express myself.


Fear of being ridiculed.


Fear of not being good enough.


Fear of not being able to take care of my parents.


Fear of not being able to give time to my son.


It’s from these deep internal fears that I found my true power.


Fear is something that everybody runs away from.


But when you start “acting in spite of the fear”, then something shifts.


It turns into a power that you never knew existed within you.


95% of people in this world live in fear.


And they make all their decisions based on fear.


The top 5% of this world also have fears.


But they take action despite their fears.


They never let their fears cripple them.


Rather they use fear as the fuel to ignite their greater potential.


My journey into personal development space has taught me so many lessons. It all begins with trusting the process & surrendering to mentors.


How I continue to navigate through uncertainty is only due to my mentors and my faith in the system.


That’s why I always say, trust the process.


I love this quote from my mentor,” Systems Work, People Fail.”


The best way to kill the fears is to align yourself with someone who has been through this journey.


Someone who has walked that path before..


A mentor who can hold your hand & is willing to walk the talk with you.


The world outside is designed to pull you down. But when you insulate yourself with like-minded achievers, it opens up a whole new world.


It will transform your fears into inspired actions.


If you keep pieces of iron close to the fire, it acquires all the properties of fire.


Similarly, when you associate yourself more with people contributing to the world, you will automatically acquire those qualities and start contributing more and more.


And that will create that upward spiral in your life.


The path to any successful person’s exponential contribution was once paved with fears and uncertainty.


Fears are necessary for us to find our true power from within.


Most people do not have access to such systems & processes to transform their fears into their higher potential.


And that’s why I’m on a mission to empower 1 million people to transform their lives.


It might sound audacious goal.


But only crazy thoughts can bend reality.


I know that you may have fears within you.


But I also know that those same fears can create revolutions.


I hope this has inspired you to think bigger.


You know something…


You are meant to live a much better life.


You can create a much greater impact.


That’s why you are alive.


Do not let your fears cripple you.


Instead, follow the right system & harness your power to bring out the best version of yourself.


If an introvertish, shy person like me can do it, so can you. I do not have any superpowers. I never had any of these qualities.


I can do it only because of my mentors and the grace of God.


All I did was that I walked that path given to me despite the fears.


I have a long way to go, but this was one of those realizations I wanted to share with you today.


Remember, who you will become matters more than who you already are.


May you walk this path with complete determination.


Let’s connect once you are committed to transformation.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| International Best-Selling Author ||Mentor

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