The Best New year message

The Best New year message I received this year…

So just like everyone, I also received several new year wishes and messages.

But there was one message that stood out.

It was from one of my coaching students, where she summarized her journey and the transformation she experienced for herself.

It’s a slightly longer message but worth a read. Start reading below…

2021 was a year of self-discovery and unleashing my best self. I invested in growing in all the areas of my life. I became more self-aware of myself and my values. It was surprisingly a very eventful year. I got into fitness, fixed my relationship with food, and started a healthy diet. Practiced self-care & self-love, learned to speak up, set boundaries, gained respect, healed, cherished each moment, even the moments of solitude. I started living independently as an adult, which has always been my dream since childhood.

I got back into my hobbies, started journaling, meditated, practiced yoga, explored nature, went for hikes, experienced beautiful sunrise and sunset, experienced a lot of gratitude, consistently practiced affirmations, inclined towards spirituality, grew my relationship with people in my life, also met a lot of wonderful people and also lost a lot of close ones whom I will miss forever.

The year taught me that you are your best investment, knowledge is your superpower, empathy, kindness, integrity & gratitude is the way to live life; you are capable of everything when you take correct actions, and to keep taking actions, you must have your intentions clear. People come into your life for a reason; some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.

As Buddha rightly said, “in the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of people/things that were not meant for you.”

This is what my 2021 looked like, and most things wouldn’t have been achieved without you. Just want to express immense gratitude to you and your work. Thank you for making my 2021 one of the best years.

I felt humbled after reading this message & sent my wishes to her. The message reaffirmed three crucial aspects of any transformation :

#The importance of investing in self.

#The power of faith in the system &

#Taking action.

Transformations are Magical.

Let’s connect once you are committed to your transformation.


Lalit Hundalani

Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| International Best-Selling Author ||Mentor

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