Amazing Coincidences

So I was testimony to two interesting coincidences recently. Reason?

I was the affected party 🙂

I felt amused at the frequency and pattern of these coincidences; hence I thought of sharing.

Read on to know why do I say so.

Incident #1

On Facebook, I recently connected with a fellow coach.

After a few exchanges, on a whim, I checked her profile.

She was from my hometown.

I felt good and asked where exactly she was from?

When she did share her location, I checked her DP.

The face looked familiar..

After some more exchange of details, here is what we discovered..

She was my student many years back..

I used to teach her during my graduation days…So at that time, while I was in college, she was in class 4 or 5.

She was much younger than me..

It was astonishing to connect after ages and exciting nevertheless.

We both laughed a lot, and suddenly from Lalit, I became Lalit Sir..

Once my student was now my colleague..

It was quite funny…

Incident #2

A lovely old lady signed up for my transformational coaching program last month.

Before starting the program, she got her hands on my book,” Focus Your Way To Fortune. “

When we connected for the first session, she mentioned that she glanced through my book.

Then suddenly, she asked me about my mentor, whose name I had mentioned in my book.

Curious, I asked her what was about it?

It was time for another surprise for me.

She revealed that She was the ex-English school teacher of my mentor..

Now I was in a strange situation, as I was coaching the teacher of my coach…

Both of us laughed a lot..

Coaching seems to be a Great Leveller…

Interesting Coincidences…Small World…

Do you have any similar incidents to share?

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