The Paradox of Life

People who want to save time part with money.


People that are tight-fisted with money end up wasting more time.


This is the paradox of life.


During my journey as a coach, I have observed that life always offers you choices.


Invest Money & Save Time.




Save Money & Waste Time.


I have observed that people who want everything for free do not reach anywhere.


Here’s why:


  1. When they are “tight-fisted” with money, it fundamentally creates a block in their internal system to receive money.
  2. When people pay money, they pay attention. Else they usually do not value the information. If anyone is not willing to invest in their education, they do not have a growth mindset.
  3. Also, when they do not invest in their learning, they stagnate

I also noticed that every student who invested in themselves progressed much faster than others who didn’t.


Others did get the opportunity to transform their lives but said later. For most, later became never.


I can see them still struggling…


Still thinking…


Waiting for some magic to happen.


I was in the same situation long back.


While I was trying to play the “cheap” game, I was stuck, and I was running around in circles. And the moment I broke through my resistance to investing in myself by buying higher-value products, things started to change.


The paradox of life is this… “Nothing changes until you change.”


The act of investing in your growth will give you a subconscious release of resistance and an edge over others.


Guilt engulfs us when we know the problem but don’t take any action to address it. Once you have realized the problem and started working to overcome it, things change.


When it comes to investing in self-growth, here’s another exciting thing I have observed about people:


  • Successful people take less time to decide and progress more.
  • Losers keep thinking and remain stuck.

I have watched this pattern in my one-to-one sessions.


People who are at rock bottom and really need help take more of my time, never take action. They continue to remain in a rut and waste their lives.


Those who are doing good and want to do better take fast action and start taking leaps.


How come?


People that saw the value in saving time invested their money. Simple.


In a way, it’s good for me as a coach & mentor. This way, I repel the losers and keep away from the negative energy.


Being associated with progressive mentees adds to my credibility as well.


And here is something that I have not shared openly before.


I consistently invest in my own education. Every single month I enroll in programs & masterminds to continue learning.


This helps in my personal growth and in delivering greater value to my students.


I demonstrate the behavior that I would like my clients to do.


Many people have this concern… “Oh! I don’t have money to invest in higher ticket programs”.


Honestly…. that’s just an excuse.


If someone really wants to move up to the next level, they will find a way.


To become successful, you got to be resourceful first.


Here’s a summary of all the key lessons on this topic:


  • Make your choice-Invest Money or Waste Time
  • Quality of investment in self decides the quality of your life. No shortcuts.
  • People who value time will invest money
  • People that are tight-fisted with money, will spend more time
  • Demonstrate the behavior that you want to see in others
  • Nothing changes until you change.
  • Every successful person had invested when they did not have money. “Not having money” is only an excuse.

What I have shared above is the essence of my experience.


You can either continue to wait and don’t take any action,


Or leap forward.


It’s all about your “internal game” of transformation as a person.


That’s what will attract success.


When I read messages like these, it inspires me to do more.


Transformation is just a transfer of emotions.


Coaching for me is a form of service.


All you need is a belief in self and faith in the process to transform yourself.


Work on yourself every day, and things will start falling in place gradually.


And here’s the icing on the cake…


“To achieve success…. get detached to the results.”


Crazy right! 🙂


THINGS JUST DON’T HAPPEN whenever I do anything with an eye on results.


Whenever I do something without focusing on the results but adding immense value, I succeed.


This is the paradox of success.


I hope this post has given you a profound idea of success in life.


Please share your feedback on what were your biggest takeaways.


I hope this inspires you to become more prosperous and abundant in every single area of your life.

To your transformation,



Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| International Best-Selling Author ||Mentor


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