4 Questions you must ask yourself

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned is to build your career around your life and not otherwise.


What exactly does that imply?


It means you create a career that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire…


Rather than getting in to a work and having to plan your life around it, do it the other way round.


As an example…


Let’s assume Person A enjoys traveling and enjoys being able to work from anywhere in the world at any time.


Despite this, he has developed a business by operating a physical restaurant.


A company that relies on its physical presence to function…


He also doesn’t have a way to support or monitor the restaurant remotely when he’s away from it.


Do you think he’s developed a business around a lifestyle that HE wants in this case?


Most likely not.


After learning about this from my mentor…


It sparked a lot of thought in me.


It got me thinking about the kind of business I’d like to start that matches my lifestyle!


Following that, I’ve developed a set of “criteria” that are significant to me…


And that’s what I’d like to talk to you about today…



1 – How much time and freedom would I have?


For myself, I want complete control over my time, where I work, and when I work…


That is why I wrote the book Focus your way to Fortune which teaches how to develop focus irrespective of your surroundings and create a fortune.


I pondered… What  I’m going to do now, is it going to give me the independence I desire?


Let’s fast forward to now..I am able to live this lifestyle now.


I can work and vacation wherever I want…


And I’m still free to work on my business whenever I choose…


2 – Can I add value, have an impact, and change people’s lives?


Freedom is wonderful, but what matters to me far more is…


Is it true that I am instilling values in people’s lives?


How can I assist folks in moving from a mediocre to an unstoppable mindset?


How can I make a difference in billions of people’s lives?


Fast forward to now, and this way of thinking has led to the creation of a mentoring and coaching business for me.


Because I am convinced…


Self-education, as well as coaching and mentoring, are used to inspire and encourage people to make changes.


That is why I am acting the way I am.



3 – The number of challenges that I will face


One thing I’ve discovered about myself is that I’m quickly bored…


If I thought back over the 18 years or so that I worked in various positions…




Because I felt my current role was no longer challenging…


I felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again.


I wanted to try something new and see how far I could push myself.


So I made a transition.


My new work will continue to test my abilities.


After a while, you’ll realize that running a business is similar to playing a game.


Every level introduces new obstacles or puzzles for you to solve.


And the only way to advance is to complete those difficulties.


Finally, it is the experience of conquering various obstacles that creates enjoyment in life.


If you experience a “stagnant” or unfulfilled feeling…


For a long time, you may have been doing something that doesn’t push you…



4 – Is it possible for me to work on things that don’t feel like work?


For instance, when I worked in a firm…


Nearly everything… It felt like a hard effort.




Maybe it was because whatever I was doing had no meaning for me.


However, the things I’m doing right now make me feel a LOT different.


I virtually never feel like I’m “working” at all.


Making films, developing content, educating, coaching, conducting live sessions or webinars.


These don’t feel like an effort to me.


Because it’s something I adore doing!


All of this contributes to my personal development…


Because I’m always coming up with fresh ideas!


So there you have it, these are the four main questions I used to help me design my business and lifestyle.


The main thing is to figure out what’s important to you!


To know what’s important for you, it’s critical to know yourself.


Once you know yourself, going gets easier.


If that makes sense to you and you would like to delve deeper, I would be happy to help you.


Let’s connect when you are ready.


If this post gave you some insights and inspired you, please share your feedback in the comments.




Lalit Hundalani||Peak performance & Life Transformation Coach||2X Best-Selling Author


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