What’s Your Story?

In my profession as a life coach, I listen to many stories. The majority of these are told to me during my three-month flagship program. Others come from strangers whom I meet during one-to-one sessions.


What’s remarkable is that, while each person I meet is distinct, the stories they tell me (and themselves) are not.


Many of them share stories with similar narratives like :


• “This has happened to me or has been done to me,”


• “These experiences explain why I suffer from sadness, anxiety, guilt, shame, fury, and a sense of powerlessness.”


• “These events or persons were WRONG and have had a detrimental impact on my life.”


• “I’m a victim of my history.”


In many situations, people have repeated this story so many times in their heads that it has become woven into their own identity.


I show them how to unravel that thread throughout my sessions or during the program to establish a new perspective on their lives and experiences.


The procedure is fairly simple but highly effective.


I start by asking them a series of powerful questions that completely change their perspective on events.


To put it another way, I want to assist them in getting to a place where they can see just as many benefits as perceived drawbacks and vice versa.


You might ask why. It’s for three crucial reasons :


1. If you allow it, the environment around you can control you. Many people go through life being driven externally.


2. You can’t control the external environment, but you can undoubtedly control three key elements to help you develop your coping ability. These are your perceptions, decisions, and actions.


3. An event is only as good as the people who put it together. If you choose to believe your initial judgment that it is ‘negative’ and do not take the time to look for the positive aspects, it is not because of the occurrence but because you have chosen not to perceive the positive aspects. It’s your fault. It’s all about your perception and has nothing to do with the rest of the world.


To put it another way, if you’re frustrated and dissatisfied with your life, it has nothing to do with what HAPPENED OUT THERE or who DID SOMETHING TO YOU. Everything depends on how you interpret it.


This can be difficult to acknowledge for some people. Still, I am yet to meet someone who didn’t hold themselves accountable to balance the mathematical equation of their perceptions and see the positive side of what they initially perceived to be a terrible or challenging event.


During the program and sessions, it’s heartwarming to observe:


• People going through life with virtual suitcases full of emotions;


• People running a story in a loop for so long that they don’t know who they are without it – only to rediscover who they are and realize there is nothing “wrong” or “missing” in their lives; and


 • People who gain clarity on their unique vision and mission in life, often for the first time.


If you’d love to have clarity in your own life or any area of your life – RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCES, WORK, HEALTH, and more – then I’d like to offer you an opportunity to attend the one-on-one session with me on the link below.






Lalit Hundalani||Peak performance & Life Transformation Coach||2X Best-Selling Author



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