3 Secrets to Money, Freedom & Happiness

From a need point of view, money, freedom, and happiness comprise our basic needs. The majority of the stuff we do in our lives is directed towards attaining either of the three or a combination of these elements.


While everyone wants these things in life, the majority fails.


Ever wondered why?


The reason can be owed to failure in realizing the importance of core concepts leading towards attaining these things.


Let me share three secrets that can help you connect the dots.


1. Your goal should be to create a life that you want, not one that others want for you.


The kind of life I want would be different from yours. Hence, this is unique to each individual.


Some people desire a lifestyle to earn a solid living while spending as much time as possible with their families.


Some people wish to leave a legacy.


There is no right or wrong answer in this situation.


But the clarity of what you want is a must before you even start.


It’s your life, after all.


While the question may seem simple, it’s not that easy to answer.


2. Learn more to earn more


It is pertinent to remember that learning precedes earning.


Why? Because things are changing every day.


To stay relevant in changing dynamics, you must learn and upgrade yourself at definite intervals.


Everything has been relocated to the internet.


Consider the folks who have skills that are only useful in specific locations.


What happened to them when they were under lockdown?


They just sat at home, powerless to do anything.




They couldn’t work remotely since they lacked the necessary abilities.


To be secure in life, you must adapt.


To adapt, it is essential to learn from the experts and reduce the learning curve.


Adaptability is the number one skill required to survive, sustain and thrive.




Many people want to do many things.


They suffer from shiny object syndrome. They get attracted by multiple things simultaneously.


And soon, they get lost.




They don’t know where they’re going because they don’t have any directions.


They have no idea what it is that they should do.


They are at a loss for what to do.


So they do some stuff this way, something that way.


They lose their momentum as a result.


So, what’s the solution?


It is first identifying your passion and purpose.


To find your passion & purpose, it’s essential to get clarity.


To get clarity, you need to be self-aware.


Once you become self-aware, you get all of the knowledge and clarity you require.


People don’t feel lost, not because they lack the necessary abilities.


They’re lost because they don’t know themselves completely.


And what they’re supposed to do!


Just the way I was some time back.


I had only been employed for 18 years.


But I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.


I had no idea what my true calling was.


I had no idea what I was capable of.


Till I started on the journey of self-awareness.


Once I discovered myself, I figured out what my passion and purpose were.


And once that happened, I could see the immense possibilities around me.


What happened to me was nothing unusual.


That’s what happens pretty much with everyone.


So these are my 3 Secrets to gaining money, freedom, and happiness in life.


If that makes sense to you and you would like to delve deeper, I would be happy to help you.


Let’s connect when you are ready.


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Lalit Hundalani||Peak performance & Life Transformation Coach||2X Best-Selling Author


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