How to make the most of 2021

All we heard to end last year was this….


”Can’t wait till 2020 is over!”


“Man, next year can’t be worse than this”


“2021 will be SO much better!”


And I’m hearing all of these same lines from all the losers I know. 


Yea, last year sucked. Also, wishfully thinking next year will be magically better is stupid. It’s a victim mentality. It’s lame. It won’t cause you to win.


Know what will cause you to win? 


Not thinking about 2022 for one second. And focusing on the next 7 weeks!


If you are already thinking, planning, and coordinating your “2022 strategy” please stop now. That’s defense. That’s what losers do.


Ever seen Usain Bolt lift his head up BEFORE the finish line and analyze his situation? NO! He runs hard, fast, and with every ounce of effort he has until he has crossed the finish line.


Your finish line is New Year’s Day 2022.


You can do all the planning you want then. But before then, WORK! 

There are SEVEN weeks left in 2021. 


Do you know how much you can accomplish in 7 weeks!? A TON!


Here is your 7-Week Plan:


Action Item #1. Pick 1 specific target for 7 weeks from now (just 1, not 10). Only one thing that will take you closer to your goal.




Action Item #2: Write down 3 key actions you need to take to make it happen.


Action Item #3: Run the goal and plan by 1 person who has accomplished that goal .


If you don’t have anyone, I’d be glad to look it over. Schedule a call with me and my coaching team below. We’ll review your goal, your plan and speak truth and life into you and your plan. 


Let’s connect if that’s something you aspire to be.


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See you soon!




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| Best-Selling Author of 2 Books||Mentor

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