The key to Professional Success

Quite often, we commit the mistake of treating personal & professional success as mutually exclusive. The focus, therefore, oscillates between either personal growth or professional one.


The truth is one leads to another.


Let’s go a little deeper and understand how.


To grow professionally in your career or business, it’s essential to work on yourself first. It is said that your career or business can develop to the extent you invest in your personal development.


You may ask, why do I say so?


Let me decode this for you in step by step manner.


Reason#1:The beginning of the personal development journey has roots in understanding the self. In the absence of self-awareness, you may not know about your strengths or what you are good at. Choosing a career or profession without analyzing strengths is similar to shooting in the dark, a risky proposition because the chances of hitting the wrong target are very high. I meet many people who have spent decades in a job but not enjoying it. They struggle big time. Therefore self-awareness helps in choosing the right professional path, which skills you would require to excel & more importantly, what will make you happy.


Reason#2:If knowledge of your strengths helps you identify what you should do, an understanding of your weakness & improvement areas indicates what not to do. Once you understand yourself better, you can realize what you are not good at. This helps you avoid getting into situations or professions where your weaknesses would be exposed. You also get an understanding of how you can work around them. For example, if you don’t really like selling, feel shy but get into a sales job or become an entrepreneur, you can understand the extent of challenges you might have to go through.


Reason#3:The success in life is 80% your persona & 20% your technical skills. Most business tycoons or super successful individuals are not really great in any technical skill but know how to choose the best person for the job. The reason they are successful is because they have a great personality. When I say personality, I am not referring to your physical appearance but your behavior, attitude, and the elements that shape them. In the current scenario, most intelligent organizations hire for attitude and train for skill.


Consider a few examples,


Which great technical skill is Jeff Bezos known for?


What is Mukesh Ambani great at?


What is Ratan Tata known for ?


What comes to your mind when you read the name of Mr.Narayanmurthy?


We know these legends for their leadership skills, charisma & the ability to build great institutions but no single technical skill.


All these are behavioral skills.


That pretty much sums it up.


Reason#4:By understanding what you need to achieve and how to achieve it, you can develop the necessary road map. Imagine two people in your team or office, both of whom are great at managing budgets. They are both accurate, detail-oriented, and deliver the results needed. However, one of them is a real people person. Their interpersonal and communication skills are fantastic and, as a result of this, they have no problem getting the information they require quickly from colleagues at any level. The other person does not have this skill and often encounters conflict from colleagues, perhaps for many different reasons.


As you can see from the example, both can do their jobs. Both have the skills required on a professional level to deliver results; however, with the added benefit of excellent relationship-building skills, one of the employees will always be one step ahead.


Establish exactly what skills you need to succeed in your role. These may be influencing skills to manage teams or inspire individuals. It may be that you need to manage upwards or have excellent delegation skills. When you can identify these needs, you can work towards a personal development plan.


Some of the key required skills include:


  • Leadership Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication skills

Reason#5: Effective professional development involves ensuring your knowledge and understanding of your area of expertise for your career is always at the optimum level. It requires acquiring skills and knowledge for career advancement and includes an element of personal development. Unless you have evolved personally, you may not even realize the need for upskilling yourself in time. If at all you do, it may come more as a reactive measure than a preventive one. Personal evolution, therefore, precedes professional evolution.


Reason#6: Professional success contributes to your personal success as well. The milestones you achieve the heights you scale in your career make you a successful individual. It usually results in a domino effect and leads to visible changes in other aspects of life. For example, professional success leads to higher income, allowing you access to better resources. You can take care of your family, create wealth, contribute more towards the causes you believe in, and live a more fulfilled life.


It is imperative to understand that nothing changes until you change.


To change yourself, you need to know what needs to change.


This requires knowing yourself first.


Can you do it on your own?


Yes, you can, but it may take a lot of time.


It will involve a lot of hit & trail


Lack of accountability will result in inconsistent efforts.


The results will be slow & far less effective.


In the absence of results, the motivation will drop.


The chances of giving up are exponentially high.


Now you may ask, if it’s so difficult then how to go about it ?


Let me share a better way. To be precise-a shortcut.


Taking the help of a coach can help in overcoming these challenges.


That’s where I help my students with.


In letting them realize the FULL POTENTIAL.


You get access to a proven method & robust system.


Avoid the pitfalls and get on the fast track.


Let’s connect once you are ready.


To your transformation.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| International Best-Selling Author ||Mentor


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