Unleash The Power Within

I did not tell you this before…


Hitting roadblocks is a part of the journey called Life…


Not getting the right opportunities…


Not really enjoying the work…


Feeling of not being paid adequately…






Close family members falling sick…


Personal life frictions within family members…


Not having enough time for the kids…


Not giving enough time for spiritual Life…


Tight cash flow situations…


Family members not believing in you…


Working hard and still not earning enough…


Does any of this sound familiar?


I have been through all of these, and I continue to do so…


We are all human. It’s a part of Life.


And you have only two choices…


1. Crib about it and get into depression (or)

2. Take action to work around it.


Whenever I encounter a situation, I only think about this one point.


“How am I going to respond to the situation?”


Whenever you hit a roadblock, get EXCITED!




There is a new door of opportunity waiting for you to open.


It’s feedback from the universe that you need to correct course.


It’s the universe’s way of pushing you to unleash the power within.


We all have some amazing powers within us.


And our brain is designed to keep us comfortable.


Once you get comfortable with the “unknown zone,” the magic will unfold. That’s the secret.


That’s how Life works & it requires a very different mindset.


There will always be this “unknown zone,” – and it never ends.


So the next question you may have is… “how to deal with a situation when you feel stuck?”


I’m not going to give you some textbook theory…


But here are three practical steps:


Acknowledge & Accept: The first & foremost thing is accepting that you are indeed stuck and need to do something about it urgently. We often act strangely and ignore the glaring truth, assuming that things will get better with time. This, at best, can be termed as wishful thinking, far from reality.


Seek help: When the wheel of our vehicle gets stuck into a pit, what do we do? Try on our own, but once we realize that we can’t, we reach out for help. First to people in the vicinity and later to experts, depending upon the situation. But when it comes to ourselves, we spend months & maybe years trying to figure it out on our own. The possible reason is how can we expose our vulnerability to others? How to let out guard down and ruin the false ego? To me, that’s sheer stupidity, nothing else. The Sooner we realize that & get over it, the better it will be. Seek out help from an expert, and you will get it for sure.


Take Action: Once you know what needs to be done, do it. Overthinking can delay progress further without delivering any sustainable benefit. If you observe your energy drifting towards anxiety, fear, and desperation. Quickly see if you can shift your thoughts to focusing on your goals. Whenever the mind starts to play all the gloomy outcomes of Life, change that thought to a positive future outcome. Exercising this one mental muscle will be a game-changer for you!


If you are in this type of situation and reading this post, you must follow these steps instantly.


The more you practice, the better you will get at it.


And the better you get at it; you will start getting comfortable with the “unknown zone.”


Fear and anxiety will become your friends.


Some months back, I had a one-to-one session with someone. Her cash flow was tight, and she had lots of family problems, and I could sense that state of fear and anxiety. I shared these steps with her & the way forward. She demonstrated trust by following the steps to the T . We chalked up an action plan for her, and things started to work gradually. Fast forward today, and she is in a much better state now.


 You may ask, what changed?


The answer is nothing changed but her.


The situations around her are still the same, but she isn’t the same person anymore.


Her energy has shifted from fear to possibility.


From self-destruction to innovation.


And that’s the power of the mind.


It’s like clay.


You can shape it in whatever way you want.


But that shaping requires following the correct process.


It requires effort. It requires practice.


You are more powerful than you think you are. No situation in Life can tear you down. You are living, and breathing shows you have a bigger purpose to fulfill.


Stop getting into a cocoon when you face obstacles.


Instead, get excited, embrace it and take action.


This mindset will take you to achieve great heights within a short span!


And more importantly, it will make you fall in love with the “obstacles.”


Suddenly every roadblock will turn into a new door of opportunity.


Let me know if that makes sense to you.


Stay connected.


Stay blessed.




Lalit Hundalani


Peak Performance & Life Transformation Coach|| International Best-Selling Author ||Mentor


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