Paradox of Decisions

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my mentors about making decisions is this…


Make decisions based on where you want to be and not on where you are.”


Let me give you an example…


After leaving my job, while starting my journey as a Transformation Coach in 2020, I had to learn many things.


I had to invest a lot of money in my self-development to upgrade my skills and grow.


Every time I was presented with the offer to learn a particular skill…


I realized it was something I couldn’t afford to do at that moment.


But then I remembered that line of my mentor, and I decided based on where I want to be versus where I am today!


Thanks to that bold decision, I built five income streams in the last 18 months!


Another example…


In March 2022, by 30th, I had closed my books of accounts for any further expenses for the financial year.


But on 31st March, one of my mentors shared an offer to enroll in a high ticket program.


It was a tough decision as the investment was high, and I had mentally prepared myself against further investment until April 2022.


I was worried and unsure if I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take this financial decision.


But then again, I realized what my mentor told me..


And I took a decision based on where I wanted to see myself to be versus where I am right now


Incidentally, I was able to recover that investment the very next month as April turned out to be the best month in terms of business for me.


Do you get what I’m trying to say?


Right now, you must be procrastinating and avoiding making a tough decision…


Thinking that this is not the right time…


But that’s exactly where you are going wrong.


Think about the future. Do you think this decision would be very easy based on where you would have already reached in the future?


If the answer is yes, then go ahead and make a decision!




Because to become successful, you have to be very decisive…


Your future depends on your decisions!


It is worse not to make a decision and let the time fly than to make a decision and fail at it!




Feel free to share your thoughts.



Lalit Hundalani||Life & Career Coach||International Best-Selling Author

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